This is a semi-realistic mod for BF2 that focuses on big gameplay changes without any cosmetic or environment changes. Read the big blurb for more rambling by me.

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Neur0tik says

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(Played on v0.5 on Karkand map ported from vanilla in SP.)

Tweaks arguably improve gameplay but not enough that's new.


* No more spray-n-pray
* Vehicles a bit 'snappier' (didn't try jets or choppers)


* OP weapons
* No new content


Pretty much as described in the homepage description.

Although it's nice to be able to spray without praying, the mod overdoes it by lowering deviation and recoil so much that, when combined with increased damage, you don't even have to try. The penalty for moving around while shooting is so low that there's no skill involved: just point and shoot. Sights are rarely needed. Sniper rifles are now OHK to the body but otherwise unchanged from vanilla BF2 for the most part, which means a half-decent player using the Sniper class is god.

Vehicles are easier to kill but it also means that they last even less than they do in vanilla BF2. That's fine if you like playing infantry but if you like tanking, you're **** outta luck.

Not sure if this would play well in multiplayer because although players with average aim can now hit what they aim at, players who can aim really fast also have it that much easier.

Suggest tweaking weapons to limit accuracy a bit more and add more stuff like better kit layouts, vehicle abilities, as well as some good maps (or at least improved versions of the default maps).

Absolutely amazing. I love it greatly.

Awesome mod, it make bf gameplay more attractive


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Good... good


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