A mod for Battlefield 2 which converts the good old game into an airsoft skrimish. The mod is in process of moving from only singleplayer to having a multiplayer aspect.

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Feb 11 2012 Anchor

Hey guys

Today we tried setting up a Hamachi network for everyone to connect to, and we (dodek, myself and a couple of other people) managed to get a couple of games together. It was really fun playing against human players and I hope someone will join us in the future.

The multiplayer is of course pretty flawed because of one specific bug, but that's already fixed for v0.7.

Feb 19 2012 Anchor

Hope more people will play, maybe if we get some more peeps to play I might buy a bigger network which is actually not too expesive, 15$ a year. :D

Mar 6 2012 Anchor

Liguster, can you do a tutorial for the fanbase, how can we use this thing online?

I think it's just about a few steps, but it could really help for noobs like me. :)

Mar 6 2012 Anchor

We use Hamachi at the moment.
Set it up and have some people join, then we (dodek) host a dedicated server and notify people which IP they should join.
It might be possible to just create a LAN game in the multiplayer tab and have people join that.

Mar 7 2012 Anchor

So you mean that in the future we will have a public stationary server?

Mar 8 2012 Anchor

Maybe, it depends on how much a server costs.
If I can find a cheap server and there are enough people to get some games going, it might happen.

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