Battlefield 1918 is a total conversion modification for Battlefield 1942. The mod takes Battlefield 1942 into a whole new scenario, the first world war. Next to historically correct equipments and vehicles, we try to recreate the atmosphere of these WW1 battlefields as close as we can, keeping in mind the game we're working with. To achieve this, we've drastically changed the gameplay from the original game like so that you must now rely on teamwork, artillery, trenches and slow vehicles....

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Today the Battlefield 1918 Development Team is proud to announce the release of V3.3 of Battlefield 1918, codenamed "Guns Of August."

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Greetings and Merry Christmas to everyone. We here at the Battlefield 1918 Development Team hope you are enjoying the holidays, and we also hope you will enjoy the latest version of Battlefield 1918 which releases today! Before we get to the link for this latest version of the mod though, we would like to show off one more new feature.

Firstly, players may be interested to hear about some new uniforms that are arriving in V3.3. We already have shown off some of the Early War uniforms for France and Belgium; however, players may also be interested to hear that V3.3 introduces Cavalry uniforms for both Russia and Austria-Hungary:

vlcsnap 2020 12 25 12h46m24s971

vlcsnap 2020 12 25 12h46m37s984

These new uniforms will be found on a brand new map, the Cavalry themed Battle of Jaroslawice, which is based on the largest cavalry vs cavalry battle of the entire war.

vlcsnap 2020 12 25 13h16m40s286

vlcsnap 2020 12 25 13h17m01s321

vlcsnap 2020 12 25 13h17m10s208

vlcsnap 2020 12 25 13h17m27s146

Of course with a new release of Battlefield 1918 comes a new trailer and for thus we present to you the Official Guns Of August Release Trailer:

With this all out of the way it is now time to provide links to the downloads as well as the full change log. We will be providing both a patch version of V3.3 for those who already have V3.2b as well as a full version for new players:

Patch Version:

Full Version:





- France: added Zouaves(French colonial), improved backpack & equipment and uniform textures to 1914
- Belgium: improved equipment and uniform textures to 1914
- Serbia: improved uniform textures
- Russia: fixed shoulder straps


- The ZeppelinL30 model has been improved
- added two machine guns in french airship


- added Armored Train by eYe.ris (found in Gebirgspass and brusilov_offensive map)
- bullet velocity in vehicles MGs now matches real values
- slightly increased shell speed
- gun reload speed slightly decreased


- light mortars now rotate 360 degrees (<-a d-> button for rotate)
- bullet velocity in stationary MGs now matches real values
- add drum in Parabellum mg model
- tanks gun reload speed slightly decreased
- add hands in mg08 1p view


- added mas1873_revolver
- added reichsrevolverm1879
- added hotchkissm1909
- fix Flamethrower
- bullet velocity now matches real values
- deployed Hotchkiss and mortars returned to the player after use


- amiens: fixed spawnpoints and removed push-cages from COOP
- albania: added clouds
- battle_of_halen: fixed bots, removed armored cars, added German cavalry textures by HenryV1415
- battle_of_mons: added clouds
- Battle_of_Cer: added clouds
- battleaxe1918: added clouds
- bismarck_archipel: added clouds
- bosnia: added clouds, fixed bots strategies
- gallipoli: fixed vehicle spawns
- galician_fields: fixed
- Suez_Canal: added New Zealand flag
- langemarck: added bots, clouds
- raid_on_fort_pontisse: added bots, but something wrong with lags, so now it unusable
- montblainville: added bots, clouds, switch French to Belgians
- ramskapelle: added bots, clouds
- battle_of_the_nete: added bots, switch French to Belgians
- ypres_streets: added bots
- passo_di_falzarego: added bots, fixed fog
- champagne: added bots

- Battle_of_Leget: added (CQ+COOP mode), added clouds (Serbs vs Austro-Hungarians)
- Mackov_kamen: added (CQ+COOP mode), added clouds (Serbs vs Austro-Hungarians)
- Suvobor: added (CQ+COOP mode) (Serbs vs Austro-hungarians)
- Siege_de_Maubeuge: added (CQ+COOP mode), added clouds (French vs Germans)
- Marais_de_St_Gond: added (CQ+COOP mode), added clouds (French vs Germans)
- Kitcheners_Wood: added (CQ+COOP mode), added clouds (Canadians vs Germans)
- dukla_pass: added (CQ+COOP mode) (Russians vs Austro-Hungarians)
- Battle_of_Liege: added (CQ+COOP mode) (Belgians vs Germans)
- Battle_of_Jaroslawice: added (CQ+COOP mode), added clouds, added KUK and RIA cavalry textures by HenryV1415&Lopa4, added KUK dragoon helmet (Russians vs Austro-Hungarians)
- Galicia: added (CQ+COOP mode), added clouds (Russians vs Austro-Hungarians)
- Battle_of_Struga : added (CQ+COOP mode), added clouds (Serbs vs Bulgarians)
- tgw_stalemate added
- some fixes in maps

- aiming dot replaced with crosshair
- improved death screams and fixed missing sound commands
- improved AI by Dewiss
- added East European chapel from Battlefield Balkan 1991-1995 mod for Battlefield Vietnam by Laufer

3.3 made by Lopa4, Vatnik, eYe.ris , HenryV1415, Dewiss, Cicero, Ace1918, Laufer

With this all covered we here of the Battlefield 1918 Development Team once again wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and thank you for your time.


Surprise to be sure, but a welcome one!

Also, I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as well!

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Cant believe you guys are still working on this mod, seeing this really bring back the good memories
Keep up the good work and wish all a Merry Xmas!

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Hello everybody!

Unfortunately, we did not have time to finalize the single player campaign, but we have compiled a list of maps that are most likely to be in the campaign, arranged in chronological order

You may notice some inaccuracies in weaponry on some maps, but we will fix that in the future

Battle_of_Liege 5 aug 1914
Battle_of_Jaroslawice 8 aug 1914
Battle_of_Halen 12 aug 1914
Galician_fields aug 1914
Battle_of_Cer 15 aug 1914
Battle_of_Mons 23 aug 1914
Tannenberg 23 aug 1914
Tsingtao 23 aug 1914
Riverrun aug 1914
Langemark aug 1914
Bosnia 26 aug 1914
Battle_of_Leget 6 sept 1914
Mackov_Kamen 6 sept 1914
Siege_de_Maubeuge 7 sept 1914
Marais_de_St_Gond 7 sept 1914
Montblainville sept 1914
Bismarck_archipel 11 sept 1914
Vitry_classic 12 sept 1914
Ypres_streets 7 oct 1914
Ypern1914 19 oct 1914
Ramskapelle 30 oct 1914
Battle_of_the_Nete oct 1914
Basra 10 nov 1914
Kolubara 16 nov 1914
Krakau 24 nov 1914
Suvobor 5 dec 1914
Lodz 5 dec 1914
Falkland_Islands 8 dec 1914
Dukla_Pass jan 1915
Broken_Hill 1 jan 1915
Suez_Canal febr 1915
Champagne 16 febr 1915
Masuren febr 1915
Przemysl 22 mar 1915
Kitcheners_Wood 22 apr 1915
Gallipoli 25 apr 1915
Paternkofel may 1915
Priesterwalde 5 jul 1915
Belgrade 9 oct 1915
Morava_Offensive 14 oct 1915
Battle_of_Struga 28 nov 1915
Albania dec 1915
Passo_di_Falzarego jan 1916
Tanzanianplains may 1916
Brusilov_Offensive 4 jun 1916
Vitry second half 1916
Galicia second half 1916
Kolomea second half 1916
La_grande_bataille 9 apr 1917
Hill 9 may 1917
Monte_Piana oct 1917
Tolmezzo 24 oct 1917
Toska_airbattle first half 1918
Aube_de_Soiree first half 1918
Villers_Bretonneux apr 1918
Mont_Kemmel apr 1918
Belleau_Wood 1 jun 1918
Chateau-Thierry 18 jul 1918
Amiens 8 aug 1918
Argonnerwald 9 sept 1918
Next_stop_Berlin nov 1918

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will the armored train be usable with bots

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From playing it seems like you can't drive the train at all but you can still use the cannons and mgs in the wagons. The Train didn't appear at all on gebirgspass so there was a gap between the two canon wagons facing different directions.

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ACE1918 Author

Presently the Train is only drivable in multiplayer.

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Presently? Does this mean it is changable for the future?

Id love to have a armored train in my 200 bot games

I saw the train and I have fallen in love with it. Reccomendation, when you impliment this with bots, consider making the track on a loop in a different map so that if the bots get on and start using it, they can have the train at various points in the map rather than on merely a straight line and if at all possible, make it a higher priority vehicle for them to jump in. IDK if thats even something you could feasibly code in but an armored train rolling around the map in this would be absolutely fun as hell for a defensive/offenive map or as a spawnable asset for a capture point

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Coming soon

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sick and tired of this unhistorical unaccuracy



so at Brusilov offensive there was no Mendeleyev Tank deployed, it suits only to fictious maps for example the battle of the giants

how about replacing the French airship with one that was world war one related such as the Lebaudy Tissandier No.11 of 1914 or the Zodiac Spiess No.13 of 1913 and the Russian tank with one that was world war one related such as the Rybinsk 20ton of 1915

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Calm down dude, its just a game

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also the Zeppelin airships had an anti airplane gun at the top that could turn 360 degrees and not two useless machine guns that can't turn 360 degrees

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by the way a creator from Texas of America that is named Wyrmshadow (that had helped in the past (2009) in battlefield 1918 with graphics) had created some incredible three dimensional graphics such as:
the Holt 150ton Field Monitor of 1916
the SMCC Steam Tank of 1918 (armed with four machine guns and one flamethrower)
the Mark B tank of 1918
the Fiat 2000 tank of 1917
the A7V-U-1 Sturmpanzerwagen of 1918
the Oberschlesien Sturmpanzerwagen of 1918
the K wagen of 1918

there is always room in the battle of the giants map :) :)

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at Chateau Thierry map all the toilets are to the wrong places

also to the cooperative mode the weapon kits are missing to the allies side and to the axis side

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for equipment:

the French had their own truck and not an Austro-Daimler Zugwagen
Berliet CBA

the Garford Putilov Armored truck doesn't have a sound effect for the turning of the turret

an inside driver view screen texture is missing to all the armored cars

the MAVAG Typ AE panzerzug had a special wagon with machine guns and the upper turret of the kanonenwaggon had a machine gun instead of a useless marker icon
MAVAG Typ AE panzerzug with machine guns wagon and kanonenwaggon

also the kanonenwaggon of the MAVAG Typ AE panzerzug doesn't have a sound effect for the turning of the turret

how about making the kanonenwaggon with the MAVAG Typ AE panzerzug to move up and down to the straight line railroad track of the villers bretonneux map and the Chateau Thierry map

also how about to the horses to use the space key for jump as to the soldiers and the right mouse key for horse neigh, this enables the horses that have the weapons to use the horse neigh as a horn

here is a horse neigh:

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Ford 3ton tank 1918
Wilson Tritton Little Willie tank without the turret 1915

those are small ones but there is always room in the battle of the giants map :) :)

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here is an American Motor Transport Liberty truck:

here is a British LGOC B military double deck bus:

all seem to have cars of that specific era, here is what is missing the Russian Russo Balt K car:

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