In the morning of December 16th,1944 German Forces launched a surprise attack in the dense Ardennes Forest in Belgium and Luxemburg. Allied High command is hastily rushing re-enforcements to the area, to counter the surprise attack and prevent them from crossing Meuse river. Can you stop the elite of the German panzerdivisions, or vice versa,lead them to victory? Find out. Features include but are in no way limited to: -The new Automatic Territory Capture system (thanks to AnyGameX) No more flagpoles simply capture territory by having more men in it than your opponent, the more the faster! -Realistic tank combat featuring historic penetration values, tanks have their turret rotation times reset to the actual speeds of real life, visibility reduced to reflect the limited line of sight from tanks' vision blocks. -new units such as the Sturmtiger, M36 'Slugger', M4A3E2 Sherman "Jumbo" and many,many more. - more than 30 exclusive high quality winter maps & realistic athmospheres

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May 22 2013 Anchor

Found some interesting appearences that were used during the Offensive in the Ardennes

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German Steyr 1500A-01 Kommandeurwagen Bulge

Horch Peiper Funkwagen

Skorczeny Funkwagen Ardennen (Krupp ?)

T19 HMC 105mm

May 23 2013 Anchor

all nice and interesting, but a lot of work ;)

May 23 2013 Anchor

Not meant to be a request to be honest, purposely I think they're substitutes for substitutes and I don't count on anything :P

Germany used some sort of Command Tank I just cannot make it up anymore, whether it was Artillery Panther, Panther with P4 Turret or P4 with extra stuff added and I'm not sure if US had anything similar.

May 23 2013 Anchor

There was a Panther with PzIV turret command tank, but I havent heard that it was used during the Bulge , though.
The British had special Command Trucks, but I think, US used mainly standard vehicles.

May 24 2013 Anchor

Not sure if these are monuments or actively used during bastogne holdout


Grey Sherman


I wonder if chains were standard outfitted or just for some of the wheels, do you anything about that ?
Have you tested COH2 yet ? Is it any worth ?

May 24 2013 Anchor

Monuments. Also the Achilles for sure did not see action in that area.

what do you mean with chains? Snow chains around tires ?

Sherman M4A3E8 "Easy Eight" already IS part of BotB. The Black star is a nice detail, though. quite unuasal by that time.

May 24 2013 Anchor

yeah snowchains :P On the E8 maybe it's the wish upon a blackstar to support the afro american squad that took part idk xD

I've read that the achilles were tip of the spear on Argentan than later advanced further south.

On the La Roche-En Ardenne M10 I read this
"Tank Destroyer equipped with the British 17-pounder gun used from 1944 onwards. This tank pays tribute to the 1st Northamptonshire Yeomanry, which supported the 51st Highland Division during the counter attack of the Battle of the Bulge."

Maybe they're just misplaced or too late arrivals to be considered.

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May 24 2013 Anchor

they joined mid-january and operated north of bastogne in the houffalize- la roche area , if i am not mistaken

May 29 2013 Anchor

That probably was end of campaign defense security for diggin it just like the brits do, that makes sense that it didn't have active roles.
Was the 76mm "Cobra King" Jumbo legitimated in the area at the time ?
Were the french still using their AT/Arty Guns as backbone up Colmer and the Colmar Pocket ? I know their 75er was such a versatile that it was used in western and eastern regions from both axis and allied and even in both WW with slight changes for the armies/time. Would fit in many roles even the 75mm M2 from the US were just a lend copy of it.

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