The Realm of Scandza has long been ruled over by a tyrant king who does not honor tradition and the ancestors. You where born into a family of farmers but you have ambition something that the High King lacks you earn your own land and become a jarl now your time has come now you must thrive and become strong so you can take your rightfull place as High King. Pick up the axe of Erik The Red who hails from the far cold north where the wolfs hunt in packs start your anger and slay your foes in fury and bloodthirst. Or pick up the sword of Ivar The Boneless who hails from the snowey border that leads into the southern lands. Go and plan your course of attack wisley and swiftly. Or pick up the tricks of Hastein and lure your opnonents into submission with diplomacy smart move for somone who likes to play peacefully. And of course the final option ride with the most elite cavalry forces as Vercingetorix charge your enemy head first with your horses. No man can stand against 200 horses.

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