This mod is a gameplay modification that splits a match into rounds. You get a few minutes to build ships, then you have to fight for a few minutes, and this cycle repeats over and over again. At the end of each battle round, all of your ships get zapped back to your starting position, where you reinforce your fleet for the next round. Each player has to pay an ante to advance to the next round (like in poker), and if you can't pay it, you die. Besides collecting resources in the normal way, players can also make money by getting rewards at the end of each battle round. The money that was paid into the ante pot at the start of the round gets divided up and given out as rewards, based on how each player performed in that round. So the more enemy ships you destroy, the more reward you will get. The mod is for the PC version of HW2 only... it won't work on Macs.

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i like it

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