Sequel to "Batman vs. Bane". The story continues... The remaining escaped convicts and supervillains have taken refugee in West Gotham, the part of Gotham destroyed by Bane's earthquake device. The supervillains are split up in sections, which has escalated into a gang war. Knowing for sure they're up to no good, Batman and the GCPD try to arrest them while also saving the innocent people still trapped inbetween the fighting sections. But knowing these supervillains, arresting them will not be a walk in the park... Coding: LinuxWolf Mapping, Sounds and Music: Ronwolf Art: DoomJedi, includes some enemy edits based on Mr.Wolf art.

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A great mod that pushes the wolf 3d engine to it's limit. TO know just how good this mod is, they have batarangs that are remote controlled, than can not only turn around and look at yourself from, but they can also go up and down. To say this mod is better than it's predecessor batman vs bane, would be a big understatement. If you love batman and classic shooters, I can not recommend this enough.


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