Mod brings the Basileía ton Romaíon ( ERE, Eastern Roman Empire, Byzantium or Byzantine Empire) into the world of Victoria. What if the Roman Empire never ended in the east? always retaining Anatolia and Greece and slowly regaining limited control over the Balkans, Levant, Egypt and north eastern Africa? What if the Romaíoi (Greek speaking eastern Romans) continued to influence the course of events throughout Europa, Asia, Africa and the New Worlds? Romaíoi settlers founded Elysium in the new world. Elysium has really gone it's own way. Finding similarities between the local deities and Hellenic Deities of the past the Elysians have mostly embraced the old Hellenic ways and really created a very unique hybrid culture. Basileía ton Romaíon starts off in the middle of a civil war against the breakaway nations of Serbia, Bulgaria, Dyrrhachium, Aegyptus and Damascus Can you end the civil war and restore the empire to greatness.

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