B.A.S.E. Forever V3 New Jump point's(structure's) and Enex marker's on existing building's. All Enex marker's are one way so you wont be able to see them but i tried to put them in obvious place's. Once your up your comin down one way or another!! See map in screeny's for location's! Over 30 Container Texture's with individual HUD Icon's. A few Canopy one's aswell,some realistic,some not so but still fun!! I've edited the GXT file's to get rid of the "Open your parachute!" warning which i alway's thought was a pain in the ass, especially when filming!! Made new Wav file's to make the freefall sound effect more realistic. Apparel which include's Jumpsuit's,Helmet's,Tracking Pant's and Jacket's which were tweaked by Soul_Courageous......many thank's!! New building Txd to turn the added Skyscraper'

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