Author: Invader_Canuck

Barbarians! v1.0 Features list.
Intended for Rome v1.1 patch

Please test and give feedback, I converted this from the modifications I made directly to the game. Hopefully I haven't forgotten anything.

Installation, extract the contents of the RAR file to your mod directory. Launch Rome via the launcher and select the appropriate mod from the drop down menu.

Primary Features

10 new tribes.

Quadi - Suebi Culture
Marcomanni - Suebi Culture
Vandals - Vandalic Culture
Gepidae - Vandalic Culture
Taurisci - Celtic Culture
Eravisci - Celtic Culture
Ordovices - Celtic Culture
Picts - Celtic Culture
Gangani - Celtic Culture
Panonni - Panonnian Culture

New tribes start with 2 provinces each province with 18-20 population. Exception, Gangani, Ordovices and Picts who are given further population boost to compensate.

Original barbarian tribes given population boost including Rhoxolani and Tylis as well as Iberian tribes. Rhoxolani also have gained another province.

Tribes of Gaul given second starting province with population raised to 18-20 for both provinces. Exception Helvetii who are given further population boost to compensate. Some tribes also begin with 3 provinces.

Rate of Civilization spread increased to facilitate continued expansion of Barbarians. Barbarians tend to expand enough to provide relatively firm barriers to Macedonian and Roman conquest and colonization.

Uses Barbarian Flags for all new nations.

Minor Features or Fixes.

Research rate modified.
Option to decline civil war troops event, Inspired by TheLand.
Increased casualty rate by 3x to reduce ping pong battles.
Assassination success chance modified (To reduce assassination spam)
Increased reputation decrease to address problem with rapid inflation of Badboy.

This mod has not been tested with the player as Rome, I expect that while the expansion of Rome is slowed when Rome is AI controlled it would be possible for a human player of Rome to expand quite rapidly against these Barbarian tribes. Feedback would be apreciated.

If people feel that a human Roman player should have more difficulty expanding into Germania and Gaul my first inclination would be to increase the populations further. The higher tax revenue and larger man power base is the easiest way to get these Barbarian tribes to field larger armies. One thing of note is that as these states expand they will be dealing with culture penalties and the like.

I am considering adding Dacia and Scythia at this point.

************************************************** ****
Since the first day of release I have been modifying my game first to add more tribes.

My tribal expansion was initially to add tribes to Germania and the Balkans. The next step was to add tribes to Britain, I accomplished that easily enough. The problem then became that these new tribes simply did not have the manpower base or economic strength to offer any sort of resistance to Macedonia or Rome.

I will list the tweaks I have done and my rational behind them. I will also provide my anecdotal results and provide a couple screen shots showing my current starting setup as well as what the tribes are now capable of doing.

1) I increased the population of all Barbarian states to 18 to 20 and set their capital provinces to 55 civilization.

Why? I wanted to give the tribes the population base to instantly fuel the colonization of 2 or 3 provinces and the ability to colonize immediatly.

Result? Tribes were able to expand but they remained weak and unable to provide any sort of resistance to Rome or Macedonia.

2) I increased the rate of civilization spread by neighbor provinces by 50%.

Why? I decided that perhaps the problem was their expansion was being stifled by two things. First barbarian hordes usually sacked the capitals of the tribes eventually halting further civilization spread and all further colonization. Second civilization simply was not spreading fast enough to allow the barbarians to continue colonizing. Increasing the rate of spread killed two birds with one stone. The different tribes would raise each others civilization values back up if they were sacked and they would be able to continue expansion at a decent pace. They were also dependent on Roman or Greek centers of civilization to increase beyond 55.

Result? Expansion was increased, now the map was beginning to fill up. Decent sized tribal states were forming. However they still lacked the ability to resist Rome or Macedonia.

3) I gave all tribes located in Gaul, Germania and Ilyria a second province with a population of 18 to 20.

Why? Manpower and Money. The tribal states simply did not have the revenue to support any sort of army nor the manpower to withstand a war with a Greek power or Rome.

Result? Gaul now provides something of a fight. It still slowly loses territory to Rome but instead of immediate wholesale annexation it seems to be a slower process. Germania on the other hand turns into a region capable of resisting Rome depending on which alliance comes out on top.

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Barbarians! 1.0

Barbarians! 1.0

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This mod from Invader_Canuck adds 10 new tribes and several minor gameplay stat changes.

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