"....much has changed, friends... the chaos that is Calradia grows worse with each passing day. Starvation is upon those who can no longer fend for themselves. Greedy lords plunder the hearts and homes of innocents to fund their ever growing warmachines.
Families are torn apart, sons and fathers forced to take up arms and march against the enemy. No one is left untuched by the madness of the war.
It seems the only life in Calradia is now that of preying upon others. The only fact of which I am certain, is this war will only get worse, though in my heart, I cannot fathom how...

You all know that Zendar has since its destruction been rebuilt. Their hearts now bitter, zendarians look to their leaders to mobilize and gather a new army for the defence of Zendar and its people. Thus there will be yet another actor in this godforsaken war.

Reports from all over the land tells of ever increasing banditry. These lawless cutthroats and villains now pose a serious threat that can no longer be ignored.
To make matters worse, the invaders from the far east seem to have gained an iron grip on the snowy plains to the east. They terrorize the land and are said to be a match for any army.

My friends,
we have all lost good comrades to the war, but in coming together, we have gained new ones. You come here from all parts of Calradia, some even beyond the borders. Yet we are gathered here in friendship and with common goals.
I humbly thank you all, you honour me with your bravery.

Now, let us eat and drink in friendship! Let this be a merry evening! For we kow not what awaits us tomorrow... us...we...we, band of warriors..."


Band of Warriors (Expanded)

1. Uses Band of Warriors v903a100 as a base
2. Starting Class Expansion (96 starting classes to choose from)
3. Arena Expansion
4. Yet new firearms
5. Upgraded bandit parties (River Pirates, Sea Raiders, Steppe Bandits, Forest Bandits, Mountain Bandits and a reclused tribe of Natives)
6. New faction - Mercenary Company, Zendar Troops, Mountain Tribe
7. The rise of Zendar has begun
8. New sounds
9. New horses for all factions, all horse stats revised
10. New mounted faction troops
11. New banking system
12. New wounding system
13. Spears and polearms revised as per 0.960
14. Mercenaries upgraded and revised as per 0.960
15. Tons of new items, merchandise, armours, weapons
16. Lots of new visitable scenes
17. New shops and merchants selling specialized gear
18. New NPC heroes, heroes revised
19. Deserters from every faction roam the land
20. New configuration of troops in parties
21. Hire yourself out as a mercenary
22. Hunting implemented

The Team:
NCrawler - Lead developer, scripting, forum moderator
Gilrain - Co-developer, beta test coordinator, forum moderator
Branko - Developer, scene editor, graphics
Zathan - Developer, troops, texturing
Corvus - Beta tester
Lancer63 - Beta tester
Lucern - Beta tester
Rlg85 - Beta tester

fisheye, HardCode, etc for the Band of Warriors mod
BoW Credits: Forums.taleworlds.net
Winter for his modified operations
Chel for some horses and his Wound Script
Dablade for some sound fx
Janus for the original arena mod
Kon_Air for the original starting class expansion
Talak for (i think they are his) horses
stoned_dude for some weapon meshes/textures
Yoshiboy for some pirate equipment meshes/textures and ketch & frigate models
Dain Ironfoot for the pirate equipment
rejenorst for the vocals soundpack
James for some meshes/textures from his weapons pack v2
Mirathei for some meshes/textures from his Pirates of Calradia mod
Matheus for some armor textures
Gluck for his excellent maces!
The Tripartition Mod for many, many meshes/textures (the Eastern Invaders thank you!)
Oddball_E8 for firearms tweaks
luigi for some shields from Dukes and Mercenaries mod
Raz for some meshes from the Holy War mod
Seff for his Town Siege fix
fujiwara for some meshes from the Onin No Ran mod
Zaitenko for his Reinforcement Script
Mirathei for his original Formations Script

Repository: Mbrepository.com (Note: Uninstall previous version before installing this one)

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Bugs in 1.3


1. Female characters have mountain tribe sounds.

2. Mountain tribe sounds wrong. Sounds are played loud (i.e as if close to enemy) all the time.

3. Some new equipment are not showing up in shop as as merchandise. Some helms used by Ravenguards (aventail helms etc).
4. "Kiddnaped girl" quest - after fighting the bandits rangers are counted as enemy troops, also the cattle drive quest becomes more difficult after this.

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(M&B .903) Band Of Warriors Expanded 1.3

(M&B .903) Band Of Warriors Expanded 1.3

Full Version 1 comment

Band Of Warriors Expanded 1.3 mod in a RAR archive for the OLDER version of Mount&Blade, .903. To install, simply copy the mod folder to your "Modules...

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LOL u dont read do u

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

Ok i download the mod, and all the other stuff. When i load the mod its stops at INI.
What can i do?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
feillyne StaffSubscriber

It's for .903 version of M&B, not 1.010/1.011. It won't work with the newest patch.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

cmon add it to 1.011 plz why is it on older ones?????????

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

1. Uses Band of Warriors v903a100 as a base
Repository: Mbrepository.com (Note: Uninstall previous version before installing this one)
What the it uses an older version for a base but wants you to uninstall?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
feillyne StaffSubscriber

No need to reinstall, M&B .903 can be installed to a different directory.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Okay, what version of the game (and what else mod) do I ned to install and play this?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
feillyne StaffSubscriber

.903 patch only, it seems.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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