A custom mission for ArmA2 Combined Operations. Official DLCs - BAF and PMC, are recommended for best experience, but not required.

Mission Description:
Lieutenant Jim Smithers is leading a challenging midday operation in order to capture an old allied airstrip back from insurgents. With limited manpower but good weaponry, will they manage to clear the coast for reinforcements in time or is it time to get beaten by insurgents endless counter-attacks and guerrilla tactics?

-Basic Features:

  • Briefing/Overview/DeBriefing
  • Weapons Choose in Briefing
  • ACE2 compatible
    • AI talk enabled
    • ACE gear&weapons in Ammotruck
  • Cutscenes
  • Hidden Tasks
  • More or Less High Commanding
  • Clear Guides/Hints for All New Custom Gameplay Features

-Custom Gameplay Elements:

  • Create/Return High Command groups
    • To create a separate high command group - Select wanted units in Numpad Del view and press 0-0-2
    • To return a high command group back to your group - Select wanted HC group in Space+Crtl view and press 0-0-3
  • Command AI to build custom minefields
    • Place a minefield marker via 0-0-5
    • Drive ammotruck under 250m away from marker
    • Select wanted units in Numpad Del view and press 0-0-2
    • Choose wanted parametres in dialog and accept the plan
    • To remove minefields, drive ammotruck under 50m away from mines and press 0-0-6
  • Build fortifications/static weapons
    • Use action menu near the truck to enter the construction view
    • Static weapons come with AI gunner
    • Placed objects/weapons can be sold with full refund but 1 minute penalty
  • Auto Rearm under 250m away from ammotruck, every 30 seconds
    • ReArm only US weapons
    • Usefull expecially when playing with ACE2 mod

-Custom Ambient Life:

  • Random civilian/hostile traffic
  • Random infantry patrols
  • Random civilians
  • Random animals

-Performance Friendly:

  • Body removal
  • Ambient Life removal
  • Empty Group removal

-Third Party Scripts:

  • UPSMON by Monsada (as part of PatrolCar-script)
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Gameplay video


Footage shows long clips of the mission. Insurgent have spread all over Chernarus forcing US out of the country. The only remaining US group (led by player) is tasked to take back an airfield in order to allow reinforcements to enter the land. With help of british team, CDF squad and few local hunters. Over 1 hour mission offer envolving offensive/defensive tasks that require use of custom gameplay elements including easy-to-use minefield creating system and fortification creating system.

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Balota Highway SP

Balota Highway SP

Full Version

SinglePlayer version of custom mission "Balota Highway". Combined Operations required, official DLCs recommended, but not required. Installation - Place...

SaOk Creator

A mission review can be found here:

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