This mod uses a mix of new units available and puts them together to make a more balanced red alert. There are many changes (Hard to remember them all) which add units, change many of existing unit's specifications and generally make the game play more challenging and balanced between the allied and soviet teams.

List of changes:
New Air units:-
-Super MIG, bomber (Author-Colin Pennington) Allies/soviet
New Ground units
-Crazy harry tank, 120mm and gatling (Author-Silvester Dezsi) Allies
-Flame tank (Rise 2 power mod,) soviet
-Phase transport, allies
-General, Sniper, Soviet
New Naval units:
New buildings:
-Nuclear Power Plant (Rise 2 power mod, Chris Mahlandt)
-Bio research centre

Edits to original units:
-Airfield - soviet/allies
Air units:
-Yak replaced by super mig
-All air units have a small sight range
Ground units:
-Rocket soldiers - More powerful, fire slower
-Tanya - more health, more expensive, slightly further range
-spy - Further sight
-Light tank - Flame secondary weapon
-Medium tank - Machine gun seconday weapon
-Artillery - Longer range
-APC - more armour, slower
-Mammoth tank, more expensive, more armour

Naval units:
-Gun boat for both sides, gatling turret
-Missle sub, slightly further range, more cost
-Cruiser, slightly shorter range, more cost

Super weapons:
Atom bomb, longer charge, requires nuclear power plant
Paradrop- longer charge, drops 10 men rather than 5
Chronosphere- less chance of explosion, 2 minute teleport

General -
-Ore grows 4 times faster (still feels slow)
-AI use demo truck, chrono tank, new units
-Naval units can go up rivers, although slowly
-Different teams offer different advantages, whereas before, turkey, greece ect would be the same
-AI builds MCVs and deploys them - allowing for bigger base spread, more challenging
-Construction yard can be redeployed


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Balanced Warfare - V1

Balanced Warfare - V1

Full Version

First release for Balanced Warfare for red alert 1


how can i download it

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Mod for this!^^

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rcc_coolio Creator

Some interesting ideas!
seems a bit laggy for me, not too sure why though

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Balanced Warfare mod for C&C: Red Alert

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