Back2Fronts is an extensive mod that will overhaul your Call of Duty 2 game to a next level. This mod brings more variety, intensity, realism and battle-like experience. Try new weapons, fight new enemies, fulfil new missions and explore new options. Mod is SP and MP friendly (although primary part is SP).

Enrik01SvK says

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Mod is good but could be way way better.
Things to fix:
-Enemies can see and shoot trough smoke screens like they arent even there
-Leningrad mission suffers,enemies can see me from distance that isnt even visible for me
-Many details are wrong like MP 38 in 1944
- MG 34 & MG 42 are ultimate weapons,your character runs with them as if they were some submachine guns,they have only little recoil
- Silenced pistols are way too common
- Enemies are basically aimbot MLGs ( have fun at Leningrad when they can see you trough smoke screen )
- Sprint & Firing mode selection features could be better
- This is far far from realism
- Developer does never answer to email,little to no activity from him/them

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It is an excellent work that these guys are doing. With more models and new animations for COD2. The new sprint is fantastic.

Nov 4 2011 by Triby