Conversion for Doom II with polished new levels, an original soundtrack, and countless thousands of new custom-made art assets.

Zocker4ever says

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How to describe something that is so close to perfection? This is not just a wad, this is a journey.

Everything in this wad feels like it is connected. The wad starts off easy and slowly grows in size and difficulty and step by step everything is getting more grand.

Interestingly, some maps don't have any enemies in them, you just _explore_. You let yourself be sought into the atmosphere and amazing architecture. It makes the wad feel almost like an art exhibition.

The levels itself are of astonishing quality, both visually and in terms of gameplay. It is clear that a crazy amount of polishing went into making these maps.

I remember playing Doom 2016 after BTSX 2 and while I love the new Doom, BTSX 2 really captures the essence of exploring and mass-murder much more. It doesn't get any better than this.

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