Back to Basics: A Company of Heroes mod merging realism with balance and improved design. This mod reworks all aspects of the game to create a Company of Heroes experience that we feel is what 4 years of evolution of the original game could have looked like. New units, new damage model, new strategy and tactics while keeping damage output, technological rushes and all unit statistics in tight check. This mod also features massive AI improvements, spanning from fixes to broken features to total overhauls of AI combat behavior and strategic decisions.

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The mod is very realistic and the models are goodlooking.

This is worth trying. I enjoy it, and i'm sure, hundreds of people with me.


introduced many new features for original company of heroes, it's like a balanced version of COH2

You can see the rifleman squad harder to beat a Volk squad , even with BAR in any range , The early game become a damn grenade war . Then the AI side group more and more . The balance is ******* crap AGAIN .
Friendly unit won't give enemy a finish because they are establish a goddamn line ! And friendly also give half territory to the enemy there they are too strong in nunmbers . AI works stupied and just know how to spam .
I give up this mod and back to play the vCoH .


Very good mod with great graphics for those who think vCoH is a great game but needs some fixes.

+ great new skins and models
+ cool new units
+ way better AI and handling
+ improved balance
+ compatible with single player campaign

- balance still could use some work (especially allied infantry, Riflemen suck)

Takes what was great about Vanilla COH then enhances it and balances it more.

It's a fun, uncomplicated mod for those of us who still like the vanilla gameplay and don't want a complete overhaul of everything.

A few little AI issues, but aside from that a great mod

Edit: The main little issue I have is with the Whermacht Leutnant, where "V" is for both Supervision *and* Nebelwerfer strike, so often I have pounded my own base with rockets, instead of increasing the production time of a unit lol


vanilla++ mod.

more range
more realistic damage (but still have COH gameplay spirit)
more tactic in command tree choice
more balanced than the vanilla
few new units but not too much
nice artillery
very good AI

well thats how i feel about it.

still need some improvement and gameplay polishing
but what is important is fun, and this is alot of fun. especially vs the AI :)


Tech-E says

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Not extreme improvement, so not great just good

gooooooooooooood mod but get it in desura would be a tip


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Gotta say, expected more from this mod. However, mod is not bad.

This mod changes the base game in several positive ways without altering the feel too much -- great AI changes, good skins, positive balance changes.

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The mod is very realistic and the models are goodlooking.

This is worth trying. I enjoy it, and i'm sure, hundreds of people with me.

Mar 21 2011 by Boogie85