Back to Basics: A Company of Heroes mod merging realism with balance and improved design. This mod reworks all aspects of the game to create a Company of Heroes experience that we feel is what 4 years of evolution of the original game could have looked like. New units, new damage model, new strategy and tactics while keeping damage output, technological rushes and all unit statistics in tight check. This mod also features massive AI improvements, spanning from fixes to broken features to total overhauls of AI combat behavior and strategic decisions.

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These are the changelogs for Back to Basics: Battle of the Hedges v1.13

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Back to Basics: Battle of the Hedges v1.13 changelog

- All Mortar accuracy has been nerfed; they were to powerfull
- 20mm Puma Gun overall accuracy has been nerfed
- 20mm Puma Gun damage vs. the m8 armour type.
- Deuce and a Half cckw can no longer reinforce
- Deuce and a Half selection bug fixed.
- All basic Artillery barrages cost 50 munitions to fire.
- All basic Mortar barrages cost 20 munitions to fire.
- Logistic Pioneers renamed to Gebirgsjäger; also with new skin.
- Scottish Infantry renamed to Highlanders.
- New Staff Sergeant Modelmixed skin.
- Jagdpanther Tank Commander.
- New Jagdtiger skin.
- Crommwell Gun now sounds like the 75mm Sherman Gun.*
- M26 Pershing/M36 Jackson Guns now sounds like the Firefly Gun.*
- King Tiger/Jagdpanther/Panther Gun now sounds like the Marder III Gun.*
- Panzer IV Gun no sounds like the Hetzer Gun.*
- Infantry Section cost decreased to 380 manpower.
- Highlanders cost decreased to 320 manpower.
- Canadian Infantry cost decreased to 350 manpower.
- Casualty Clearing Station now heals like American Triage Center.
- All Tank Guns have been fixed vs. emplacements.
- Sturmhaubitze 42 has been re-added to the Schwere SS PanzerAbteilung 102 doctrine, When you call in Heavy Armor Reinforcement you'll now either get a StuH42 or an Ostwind.
- 105mm M2a1 Howitzer Emplacement can now be multi selected.
- Wehrmacht 88mm Flak 36 AT/AA Emplacement is now in a different emplacement.
- New Staff Sergeant Skin.
- Decreased the Infantry Halfrack's long range accuracy.
- Decreased the 20mm Flakvierling 38's long range accuracy.
- Wehrmacht Sd.Kfz. 251 now has visable passengers which can also fire out of the Halftrack.
- Fixed the issue where the Panzer Elite 20mm Flakvierling 38 Emplacement barely took damage.
- Wehrmacht Motorcycle now costs 180 manpower and 5 fuel.
- American Jeep now costs 220 manpower and 5 fuel.
- Fixed the issue where the Grille Self-Propelled Artillery dramaticly decreased fuel and munitions income.
- Fixed the issue where the Grille Self-Propelled Artillery had it's barrage ability as first action, making it shoot at the location where you wanted it to move.
- Sturmhaubitze 42 now has the lockdown state, including the white lockdown ring.
- 20mm Flak 38 Emplacement added to the build menu of the Gebirgsjägers.
- Fixed an issue where the AI would fire on Sandbags, Wire and Tank Traps.
- Panzerfaust damage reduced from 100 to 80.
- Bren Carrier health decreased from 300 to 275.
- Fixed an issue where the 81mm Gr. 34 Mortar Emplacement took very long to build.
- Added the corrected M26 Pershing turret.
- Fixed off-map call-ins for AI
- Made it so that the AI makes intelligent use of Nebelwerfers, Mortars and Artillery.
- Wirblewind damage fixed.
- Made it so that the AI build more defenses on longer maps (Vire River Valley, Rails And Metal etc.).
- Veteran Infantry upgrade now also affects Pioneers, Heavy Machine Gun Teams, Mortar Teams, 50mm Pak38 Anti-Tank Guns, 150mm Nebelwerfers and Waffen SS Infantry.
- Infantry Halftrack can only carry 5 entities max, and 1 squad.
- Bren Carrier can only carry 6 entities max, and 1 squad.
- Infantry garrisoned in Kangaroo now take damage.
- Captain now gains Off-Map Artillery when unlocked.
- Radio Operator no longer gains Off-Map Artillery when unlocked.
- Radio Operator no longer gains Bombing Run when unlocked.
- Radio Operator now costs 230 manpower and 10 fuel.
- Radio Operator now has the riflemen_elite target_type.
- Captain gains a force multiplier for vehicles, which increases vehicle movement speed in that sector.
- Radio Opertator gains a force multiplier that increases the nearby units line of sight.
- 40mm Bofors damage increased from 35 to 65.
- 40mm Bofors penetration against the Sd.Kfz. 251 type increased.
- 20mm KwK38 Accuracy has been nerfed.
- Nashorn Tank Hunter added to the Tank Destroyer Tactics; it also unlocks the Hotchkiss Light Tank.
- M5 3" Anti-Tank Gun added to Infantry Companty; it gets unlocked when unlocking the M2a1 105mm Howitzer.
- Hummel's 150mm sFH18 L30 damaged decreased from 500/495 to 400/395.
- Grille's 150mm sIG33 damage decreased from 500/496 to 400/395.
- Grille attack fixed, it would barrage a unit for no cost when right clicking on it, this is no longer possible.
- M10 Wolverine Turret speed fixed.
- Stick Bombs Throwing range increased to 20.
- Sd.Kfz. 251 Halftrack now only can hold 10 entities and 2 squads.
- Bren Light Machine Gun damage and penetration vs. Sd.Kfz. 251 Halftrack increased.
- Riflemen Bazooka upgrade now costs 50 munitions.
- Riflemen Bazooka upgrade now requires Weapons Support Center OR Supply Yard.
- Infantry garrisoned in vehicles (Halftracks, Kangaroo, Bren, etc.) now properly take damage from flamethrowers, rifles, artillery and tank fire.
- Armour-Piercing Shells have been buffed.
- Assault Ability gives a recieved damage multiplier of 0.75 when active.
*This has been done, because their current sound was way to loud.

AI Changelog

- Tweaked the retreat chance for the AI’s units – now retreats almost all the time (like a human would). Makes it have much more experience on units.
- AI will not constantly attack you after a period of time – it will create attacks in much more tactical ways – wait out until it has munitions to use abilities to blow up your defences, attack with a lot of units at once.
- Force multiplier is set to 3 which means you can’t easily create one choke point on map or even near your HQ and wait for AI to come and lose all units there – it will wait to have as much as 3 times more units (this is always quite a random number in reality though) before it attacks. With this ratio you won’t be left bored for too long but it will have a very good chance of going through the strongest defensive line.
- Modified use of artillery and barrages. AI will now barrage you with mortars, nebelwerfers, on-map artillery through fog of war. Blobs, defensive structures – it will know about them. The reason for this is because usually it just runs into a chokepoint which is packed with units and loses the unit before it can help any other AI units to understand there are units there. Now it will know about it all the time. If you think this might be unrealistic or unfair then I can say that it isn’t because chances are that AI will bump into you long time before you’ll even be able to create your defensive line. But on the other hand this helps AI a whole lot.
- Off-map unit call-ins are fixed! Yes, this was a big engine bug which in fact was incredibly hard to fix (I don’t believe any other mods have this fixed because the solution was quite tricky) – you might remember from vcoh or other mods that AI always spams rangers, calliopes, stormtroopers etc. The way it worked before is that whenever AI finally decides it needs only ONE of the units, it will not stop spamming it until accidentally it calls in another ability. Well now it will use them in a much smarter way – the way it’s supposed to.
- AI would not use all of its resources before – it used always have a very poor balance between fuel and manpower purchases. This is now fixed. AI still buys units for fuel (unless it really has an excessive amount of it) but it also uses up all the manpower.
- AI no longer has big delays between unit purchases. Now it purchases units from more than one building at once too if it decides that it should.
- AI is no longer uncontrollably stopped from deploying units of the same type. This used to make PE AI completely suck since it has pretty much a single unit choice in the beginning – grenadiers. Fixed.
- AI could only reinforce one unit at a time. This number is now 10.
- Unit priorities have been worked on throughout all the testing stages and have been carried to the point of very good balance between unit and anti-class priorities.
- AI will now build defences more intelligently and it will use on-map artillery too. Defense building priorites are dynamically controlled by AI’s current tech level and also map width/height ratio

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