This mod is based on the Babylon 5 Universe by J. Michael Straczynski. It's purpose is to convert the game as close as to the B5 universe as the game will allow. Planned Features: -18 Cannon, 4 Semi-Cannon, 2 Non-Cannon Flyable Ships including the famous ISA Whitestar and the Liandra from The Legend of the Rangers -23 Cannon, 8 Semi-Cannon Capital, 1 non-cannon Ships Including the famous Warlock, Omega-X, and a special redo of the Victory Class Whitestar Destroyer with the Vorlon Armor adapted. -15 types of Shuttles/Transports -5 types of stations including Babylon 5 -Hyperspace Travel in Single Player -Each ship has it's own type of weapon systems. -Capital ships able to fire three types of weapons from differnt points.(XWA only exploited two from one point) -Liandra with Turret Useability so you can fly her/or go into the turret to fire it's guns/In MP, one person can fly and another person can man the guns. Planned Phases: Phase 1:(Active)Redo/Make Flyables - Starfighter...

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