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Change log became too big, so it will be here now.

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Change log

(March 12th 2018) 1803 Change log:

  • Windows XP compatibility was restored

(March 7th 2018) 1802 Change log:

  • Added weather effects (new env_fog, env_weather entities)
  • Added snow material support
  • Added new flags for spawn spots "No flying monsters", "Except boss wave"
  • Added a new map "Winter Town"
  • Fixed Sniper Rifle autozooming speed issues
  • Fixed scoreboard doesn't showing spectators for new players
  • Fixed Frenzy damage reset after 2 seconds
  • Fixed spectator panel current map and timer positions
  • Fixed some unsafe pointer calls (improved server stability)
  • Fixed a moment high level character could load in 1st wave game
  • Fixed wrong salvage reward amounts in weapon recycle GUI
  • Fixed crazy damage of Angel's mighty foot and Offense aura for bosses
  • Fixed cloak menu appearing after reconnect
  • Fixed wrong price counting for weapon box
  • Fixed faulty hit detection for turrets and angels
  • Fixed upgrading 4th power (it didn't update souls amount for client)
  • Fixed server restarting on leaving when the game isn't begin yet
  • Fixed axe secondary attack wasn't affected by axe upgrades
  • Fixed wrong mana cost for Offense aura when Bosses nearby
  • Fixed Gargantua stomp damaging other aliens
  • Changed titles in scoreboard (wave state and server name are separate now)
  • Changed reloading mechanics for Shotgun (you can stop it by pressing fire)
  • Changed all prices in Demon shop
  • Changed prices of some weapons
  • Changed behaviour of gates (they won't kill anyone now)
  • Changed high grade weapon chances (in random weapon box)
  • Changed limits for bags (now it's not 15 for all of types, but 5 per one type)
  • Changed ammo bag using mechanics (you can use ammo bag only twice per wave)
  • Changed money and experience rewarding mechanics (now they are based on damage done)
  • Changed soul farming mechanics (now player gets a soul for killing a boss, random drop also remains)
  • Changed ignited monsters damage to 3% of their maximum HP
  • Changed task rewards (increased a little)
  • Changed axe damage (swing damage is decreased, cleave damage is increased)
  • Removed start fire animation for Pantagruel
  • Increased framerate for VGUI

(November 20th 2017) 1800 Change log:

  • Fixed "Save failed..." issue when SAVE folder doesn't exist
  • Fixed spectator knife stab bug
  • Fixed sudden loud music playing
  • Fixed map change when last player leaves the server
  • Fixed turrets going berserk when players nearby
  • Fixed turrets jamming/not firing/ultra speed shooting
  • Fixed Juggernaut downgrading with wave process (now it has 30%-35% move speed slowing)
  • Fixed Hypochondriac upgrading issue with belt capacity
  • Fixed crash when player uses bag
  • Fixed class menu conflicting with poll and motd menus
  • Fixed saving an empty character
  • Fixed wrong names of melee weapons
  • Fixed fast reloading glitch on some weapons
  • Fixed floating viewmodel after fast-switch when spectating
  • Fixed minigun had no shells dropping when shooting
  • Fixed inability to remove allies
  • Fixed Shotgun unlimited clip glitch
  • Fixed Thorns damage scaling with Precision
  • Fixed GlowShell rendering for player
  • Fixed some p_ models didn't render when invisible
  • Changed behaviour of picked up gems (it won't take gem slot, until you place it there manually)
  • Changed formulas of weapon upgrading system
  • Changed name of barricades to gates
  • Changed name changing algorithm (you need to relog to apply new nickname)
  • Changed the way player gets salvage (now it's small amounts for every kill)
  • Changed the way player gets souls (you can devour it or take it, only in last case you will get +1 soul)
  • Changed necessary boss kills count for bonus weapons (minigun - 5, flamethrower - 10)
  • Changed Frenzy level requirement to 5 (now Vampire is the first Rushing skill)
  • Changed random weapon box working mechanics
  • Changed jukebox and boss book models to new ones made from scratch
  • Changed menu background aspect ratio from 4:3 to 16:9
  • Changed rewards for raising the gates
  • Changed some of tasks and task rewards
  • Added possibility to close character, inventory, skills and polls menus with space or enter keys
  • Added CVar to adjust bullet shell life
  • Added bonus turret hp to berserker power (depends on builder level)
  • Added ability to heal turrets by hitting them with wrench
  • Removed mystery bag stats improving
  • Removed some old/unnecessary/unused models
  • Improved allies spawning checks
  • Improved saving system
  • Improved inventory net code
  • Improved viewmodel visibility for widescreen resolutions
  • Improved scoreboard net code
  • Improved Angels AI
  • Improved player models
  • Improved textures for angels and demons
  • Improved inventory menu
  • Improved helmet, armor, trinket icons
  • Improved skill menu
  • Improved skill icons
  • Increased damage of most weapons
  • Increased maximum level to 90 (was 60)
  • Increased Frenzy mana cost by 1
  • Increased Grenade Launcher grenades velocity
  • Increased Rush mana cost to 80% of maximum mana (was 70%)
  • Shock Rifle drop isn't random anymore (you need to kill 100 Troopers in one game)
  • All weapons and ammo prices were changed
  • Now supply bags disappear when their owner leaves the server
  • It's impossible to load character if difference between saved and current wave more than 10
  • Audio player library was updated


(February 19th 2017) 1775 Change log:

  • Fixed turret supply box crashing the game
  • Fixed inability to buy a weapon, when you have maximum of its ammo
  • Fixed inability of using environment objects when reloading
  • Fixed Pantagruel wrong facing when he attacks
  • Fixed stopping of game logic when last alive player leaves the server
  • Fixed game beginning without alive players
  • Fixed missing numeral keys in control options
  • Fixed little issues with resetting control keys to default
  • Fixed Satchel low remote range
  • Updated save system (now it works like checkpoints)
  • Updated items drop system (now item power depends on wave it was dropped)
  • Updated boss book system (now it reopens when new wave starts without timer)
  • Added new poll to skip "waiting for other players"
  • Added music when "waiting for other players"
  • Added new map pve_neonlines
  • Removed "transmit" command limits
  • Removed pve_soaring
  • Returned ability to use medikits and manakits when invisible
  • Returned animations to Offense and Prayer skills
  • Tips for doors now work for doors with "Only Use" flag
  • The most of skills will break the invisibility (if skill does so, then it's mentioned in its description)
  • Save files are different now for different maps

(February 2nd 2017) 1770 Change log:

  • Fixed trigger_hurt damage for monsters
  • Fixed FGD random box type issue
  • Fixed satchel remote fast switch bug
  • Fixed satchel remote model wrong bone alignment
  • Fixed missing precache of necessary items
  • Fixed Blood Drop item name when it's upgraded
  • Fixed possible client crash
  • Fixed Pulverize spell crazy radius (now it depends on Sorcery)
  • Fixed Angels stucking in walls (in most of cases)
  • Fixed blocking of boss trap doors
  • Added the most of weapons to game_shop entity
  • Added possibility to set custom tips for buttons
  • Added new system for saving your progress
  • Added hello menu (it's something like login screen)
  • Added ability to see monsters HP when spectating
  • Added possibility to turn off weapon shifting (when player is moving)
  • Added Shotgun unique upgrade
  • Added polls menu
  • Removed "is a trap" boolean from FGD and code (now you can set custom tips)
  • Removed "vguimenu" command from release build
  • Decreased damage for Squad Automatic Weapon
  • Decreased defense rate for Juggernaut armor
  • Increased damage for Sniper Rifle
  • Increased power of all set items
  • Increased power of Akimbo upgrade "Radiation" for usual monsters
  • Increased sorcery HP bonus for Angels
  • Increased amount of item upgrades available from 3 to 5
  • Increased bonuses for turrets from Binding power
  • Increased ammo prices for Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle and SAW
  • Updated task system logic (nothing really noticeable)
  • Updated close button texture for menus
  • Updated polls system
  • Included new map "pve_soaring" by Enimakanaon
  • Included linux server binary
  • Some VGUI optimizations were done

(September 3rd 2016) 1765 Change log:

  • Fixed inability to remove angels
  • Fixed pve_complex issues with collision and wrong sky
  • Fixed wrong limit for bags in multiplayer
  • Fixed satchel crash and stuck on remote
  • Fixed game_player_equip working wrong
  • Fixed Gauss Rifle self-kill
  • New melee attack code for Gargantua (got rid of melee loop bugs)
  • New code to spawn players (got rid of "can't spawn" bugs)
  • New code for random boxes (stability improvements)
  • Updated default mapcycle
  • Updated defense indicator on client
  • Increased basic Bloodbath time by 25%
  • Increased damage for RPG
  • Improved monster AI with more movement if they fail to get to player
  • Added monster_ichthyosaur to wave system precache
  • Added RPG to upgradable weapon list
  • Removed ability to use knife when spectating

(August 27th 2016) 1760 Change log:

  • Gargantua has now exponential HP increasing
  • Gargantua book can't be used twice during one wave
  • Increased Gargantua turn speed
  • Increased damage for some weapons and their upgrades
  • Increased experience gain for higher waves
  • Increased natural defense gain from 5 to 20 per 1 Toughness
  • Increased range for quickstab and wrench
  • Fixed "Task Completed" window appearing randomly
  • Fixed turret explosion damaging the owner
  • Fixed Juggernaut armor downgrading
  • Fixed issues with Pistol secondary attack
  • Fixed Rush + Sacrifice combo
  • Fixed Gargantua melee spamming
  • Fixed angels damaging each other
  • Fixed weak hit detection for money sharing system
  • Fixed wrong colors for dropped gemstones
  • Fixed houndeyes interrupt their attacks if damage taken
  • Fixed angels and turrets wall stuck
  • Fixed stats upgrading to crazy amounts with mystical bag
  • Updated jump and step sounds
  • Updated navigation for pve_tomb and pve_complex
  • Updated ammo descriptions at Demon shop
  • Updated dagger model
  • Added reset for weapon list scroll panel
  • Added limit for supply bags
  • Added indicator to see if the monster is immune to your attack
  • Added 2 new spell gemstones
  • Added pve_complex to standard maps list
  • Changed "^0" color tag to pink (black didn't look good with shadow)
  • Removed one more door on pve_tomb

(August 21th 2016) 1755 Change log:

  • Unpacked everything from PAK file (fixed a lot of issues like monsters glitching)
  • Changed the description of Faith and Sentry skills
  • Fixed color tags for menus
  • Fixed spectator indicator in score panel
  • Fixed staying invisible when using dagger secondary attack
  • Old "Task Completed" sound was returned
  • Manakits and medikits can't be used when invisible
  • Raising the barricades will turn off the invisibility
  • Rush skill stacks now
  • Fixed staying invisible when throwing satchels
  • Bosses can be hurt now with Offense and Radiation
  • Offense can't be used while invisible
  • Some other little fixes

(August 20th 2016) 1750 Change log:

  • Skills and items bonuses have no effect on hornets now
  • No task reset after death (no more getting helmet over and over again)
  • Added abilities description to character menu
  • Character menu was improved much to show more details (scroll panel added)
  • Turrets won't attack hornets (turret efficiency increased much)
  • AI improvements (now monsters try to get to player)
  • Skill menu is now showing actual information counting Sorcery ability bonus
  • Mana regeneration is not aura effect anymore (works all the time now)
  • All passives can be turned off to save mana points
  • Demon has spell gem for trade (now you can get a nice spell without farming boss)
  • Stability improvements (rewritten a lot of old code)
  • No chance to get epic items for completing first 3 quests (you will get only basic ones)
  • Replaced random items with new unique items in Demons shop
  • Angels, turrets and hornets won't open barricades
  • Every 10th task you will get a random item (including uniques)
  • All scroll panels can be scrolled with mouse wheel
  • Added backgrounds for all windows in panels to prevent unwanted button pressing
  • Added hit points regeneration to every class (initial 0.5 HP/s)
  • Added golden glowing to player when he has full set equipped
  • Added possibility to increase maximum ammo amount with upgrading Legerity
  • Added first-person animations for the most of skills and spells
  • Added indicator for dead players in score panel (it shows "at rest" line near nickname)
  • New Bloodbath rewarding system (more experience for multikilling)
  • New Weapon Upgrades system (make your guns unique and more powerful)
  • New Gestures system to play first-person animations for some player actions
  • New monster buff - Lunatic (25% faster)
  • New consumables Salvage and Souls (used for upgrading items)
  • New inventory items with epic bonuses
  • New ability to go invisible ("X" key by default)
  • New weapon Akimbo (dual wielded MAC-10)
  • New weapon Ancient Axe
  • New weapon Hell Dagger (class weapon)
  • New weapon Lord's Sword (class weapon)
  • New weapon Usual Wrench (class weapon)
  • Increased damage for Flamethrower
  • Increased damage for Grenade Launcher
  • Increased maximum .762 ammo to 40 (was 20)
  • Increased spectator move speed
  • Gargantua is getting strong faster
  • Gargantua has higher money reward now
  • Gargantua stomp attack speed was increased
  • Gargantua is invulnerable until he ends his spawn animation
  • Updated glow effects for Blaster and Rocket Launcher
  • Updated Crossbow model and animations
  • Updated color tags code
  • Updated experience system, now it supports multiple level ups
  • Minigun will drop every 4th Pantagruel kill (it counts for every player individually)
  • Pistol model has little improvements
  • Pistol shooting mechanics were changed
  • Blaster shooting mechanics were changed
  • Crossbow shooting mechanics were changed
  • Shotgun primary attack was improved
  • Grenade Launcher grenades have now better hit detection
  • Fixed possible VGUI crash
  • Fixed bug when player was unable to spawn after death in air
  • Fixed crashes "caused by explosions"
  • Fixed Trip Mines animations
  • Fixed possible issues with dialogue system
  • Fixed bug with negative numbers on the HUD
  • Fixed damage numbers code issues
  • Fixed barricades blocking with tripmines and satchels
  • Fixed pathfinding issues for pve_building
  • Fixed trigger_multiple touch function reset (now barricades won't be stuck)
  • Fixed mp_waittime CVar bug (it didn't have enough time to catch server value)
  • Fixed monster_ichthyosaur hit points and damage
  • Fixed monsters having no reaction to damage
  • Removed some doors on pve_building and pve_tomb
  • Removed nodrop chance (no more "shit happens" at Gargantua)
  • Removed item_backpack (now everything saved without it)

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