This is a mod for Mount & Blade Napoleonic wars which pits the Victorian British military and allies against the deadly and numerous forces of the Zulu tribe, based off the Anglo Zulu war in South Africa in 1879. Fight as a British soldier against hundred of Zulus, or play as a Zulu to out the British from your homeland.

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The game is great! For a mod in Alpha it is very clean. I give it 10/10. Great Mod!

shot angry naked africans as a jewish man on my way to the synagogue

then i went back home and played this mod
it was pretty fun

9/10 would exterminate the goyim again

sexy as mod

Pretty cool to use such primitive weapons against Europeans soldiers. Even in a balanced teams match the Zulus still win often. The detail of the clothing is good and the voices add a lot of realism with new voices for both the Zulus and British.

Best mod for Zulu without a doubt. i had tons of fun playing as zulu against players.

max bots is 50, need moar ;D

also thanks to Blutch and Willhelm for allowing us to use Willhelm's hardwork


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A beautiful mod with many awesome features. lots of fun!


Great mod i love it i give you ten outa ten m8 benis ***** i love titties do you? i am just using up space so that this 150 words bull **** stop! but tits tits boobs ***!

Really good work, highly suggest this mod and great fun fighting bots. Would be nice if the developers started a Boer war mod, but this is great work. Keep it up.

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