Component: New master server integration files. Summary: modified client shell and dedicated server, to use a community driven master server. Authors: ayleia: Client and server patches. The One: Automatic update utility. Other: KingKenny: Testing and suggestions x-M-x: Testing and suggestions Cracco: Testing Build Date: 13-5-2021 Version: 1.0

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AvP Unknown has resurrected the multiplayer for Aliens vs. Predator 2: Primal Hunt! So what are you waiting for? Play as the unstoppable pred-alien! Or hunt as the ancient predator! Or frag your way through as the corporate dunya!

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@avpunknown After 13 long years of the AvP2 expansion pack, Primal Hunt having no master server for online internet play, it's finally back online with a new master server and two dedicated servers for now.

Below you will find what's included/fixed in the "Primal hunt Master Server Patch" - Version 1.0

- restored the online server browser
- removed cd key check
- fixed broken fonts on newer versions of Windows
- unlocked all resolutions in the Graphics menu
- added borderless window mode (+borderless 1)
- the game will always keep the renderer active to prevent unexpected crashes
- added raw mouse input (enabled by default, use +rawmouse 0 to disable)
- added widescreen support, automatically calculated by the game
- fixed a bug that causes black screens on Intel gpus (fix by thecanonmaster)
- improved rendering performance of some 2D surfaces
- improved text rendering performance
- chat messages are now scaled on high resolutions
- added a console (see readme_console.txt)
- added various command-line options (see readme_commandline.txt)
- fixed the internal client and server timers
- fixed animation slowdowns at high frame rates
- fixed the player character not moving at high frame rates
- singleplayer: fixed slow movement of some objects at high frame rates
- singleplayer: fixed a common crash on the loading screen
- improved the multiplayer net code
- restored the Welding Torch (replaces "Look Up" in the controls menu, default Y)
- restored the Hacking Device (replaces "Look Down" in the controls menu, default H)
- improved hit detection
- the game window is now centered in windowed mode
- fixed the flickering cursor when using dgVoodoo
- fixed the menu buttons not working in some cases when using dgVoodoo
- prevented dgVoodoo from manipulating the window style (see readme_commandline for more info)

Server (to be included in a later release):
- listen servers are no longer supported
- fixed a format string bug that could crash the server
- increased the server update rate to 60 Hz
- fixed various vulnerabilities
- fixed the internal server timer
- added client ids to player names
- added ip and chat logs
- player names and messages are scanned for bad characters
- server commands can now be entered with a slash (/) prefix
- server commands can now be entered through the server console
- added pcm command to send private messages (/pcm <id> <message>)
- changed the kick command to kick by id
- added ipban and hostban commands
- added showip and showhostname commands
- added reloadbanlist command
- improved pings
- fixed a bug that could make players appear invisible to other players
- fixed stationary guns becoming unusable if the user disconnects
- added a voting system
- added class commands (only for Aliens and Predators as Hunter or Mutant)
- added all weapons mode
- added mute command

- added dm_monolith_ph by The One
- added suk-stronghold_ph by Imp Hunter
- added suk-stronghold_2_ph by Imp Hunter
- added suk-hadleyshope_ph by Imp Hunter


This is quite big news, thanks for this.

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