Autumn Aurora 2 it's modification made by small group from Poland which brings the autumnal atmosphere to the Zone and totally overhauls the graphics, audio and gameplay of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl.

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Dec 31, 2013, 11:27 AM

It's been 2,5 weeks and 2 patches further and I've got to say. Well done, once again.

I am completely in love

Dec 2, 2013, 6:29PM:

So, I've been playing this for several hours now and here comes my review!

First off, amazing introduction. Well done on the PR department as well, because those screenshots really hyped me and the rest of the community up! I've got to say, you've done amazingly well!

Now for the mod ...

VISUALS: 10/10

Stunningly beautiful, breathtaking almost. The custom Absolute Nature and Atmosfear really compliment SHoC. The tree placement is sublime so you have enough cover in a skirmish, yet not overdone to cause any stability issues! Add this with unique shaders, you get this MISERY like feel, yet (Yes, it's blasphemy I'm saying this as a MDT member) improved. I'm a real sucker for SHoC though!


Gunplay = Superb! It feels strikingly brutal to blast someone's head off with a sidearm! They finally got the attention they deserve. It was always a pain I'd have to shoot a bandit in his head for 7 times! Now with 1 well placed shot, it's over. Same goes for the player, I actually feel frightened to die now! Again, well executed here. The economy isn't really MISERY hard, but it's suited for the experienced stalker. I as veteran did disable the money looting though ;)


UI textures, 10/10.

Inventory, 9/10 (I like my transparent inventory though, but nothing I can't fix myself with a bit of editing. I never account for stuff like this because I can tweak it to my likings)

Gun Textures, 10/10 (similar style, I like it!)

Sounds, 10/10 (well done on sorting them out! again, fit eachother well)

Music, 9/10 (I sometimes mistaken the thunder for a blowout because it shares the same sounds, so on clear day I'd seek for cover while there would be nothing there haha)

Total: 77/80
Average Score: 9,63
Moddb Score (rounded up): 10!

Well done. I'm prou

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Stunning graphics and game design, the autumn environments look crisp and natural. A fantastic mod for Shoc that succesfully introduces an alternative art direction...

Jul 2 2011 by Soliddoors_ZA