Autumn Aurora 2 it's modification made by small group from Poland which brings the autumnal atmosphere to the Zone and totally overhauls the graphics, audio and gameplay of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl.

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Working saves. (Games : S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl : Mods : Autumn Aurora 2 : Forum : Corrupted saved game? Click here. : Working saves.) Locked
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Aug 27 2014 Anchor

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If you are not able to load your saved game and you have CTD's logs like:

Logs like: [error]Arguments : Can't open section 'ac'.


stack trace:

0023:7253510C MSVCR80.dll, memcpy()
0023:00A14182 xrCore.dll, NET_Packet::w()
0023:00A141C6 xrCore.dll, NET_Packet::w_float()

It means that your save was corrupted by engine. Here you are explanation of this problem.

Try to imagine following situation - Stalker's world has own environment, NPC's, objects, items selled by traders, etc. etc (just everything) - all of these aspects are processed by engine which has some limitations. Sometimes game's engine can't handle the amount of data it has to save/load and then - you're received CTD with above logs. Saves are corrupted because engine knows earlier that he wouldn't handle amount of data so he can only tell: "Fuck you and your gameplay. I need to rest, bye"I don't know if we are able to make something with it but we'll think about it and at least try. In addition it's strange situation because on 100 people there are about 10-15 who has this problem. Not 100 players, only few percent. We have no ANY idea why this problem won't touch everyone.That's not all: I had same problem in other mods; Complete 2009, Priboi Story, Return of the Scar and other mods which didn't added so many stuff. This problem was EVEN IN VANILLA CLEAR SKY. GSC knew about it and they had veeeery "nice" adventure with minimize it. I've found posts where people who played in MISERY had same problem, so in COP it's also possible. The only way to fix it it's starting the new game. If you don't want to play again, you can use from following saved games (list to be updated):

1. Cordon - Meet the Guide

2. Cordon - Meet the Fox

3. Garbage - Beginning

4. Garbage - Help the Bes

5. Garbage - Kill the bandits at the hangar

6. Agroprom - Meet the Mole's group

7. Agroprom's Undergrounds - beginning

List will be updated of course.

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