Autonomy Lost is the sequel to HTC (Hunt The Cunt). Once again you play as the HECU grunt Jane Doe, set directly after the events of HTC.

UrbaNebula says

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The follow up to one of 2017s best Goldsource mods, it's no surprise that Autonomy Lost looks incredible... for the most part.

While a lot of the areas contain a ton of detail and nicely varied lighting, the last few sections feel terribly bland.

Same can be said for the gameplay. Nice and challenging throughout, but this takes a nose dive in the closing couple of maps with a lot of featureless open arenas. While this does mean you have great freedom of movement, allowing you to circle strafe larger enemies while filling them with buckshot, it also means that it is entirely possible to sit out of range of their attacks and plink away at them with the glock. It is also very easy to get trapped on the geometry in certain areas, requiring the player to use noclip to get out and proceed. It also has a couple of sections where I was apparently key hunting, without knowing that I was key hunting. I would see a message that I had acquired a key, only to backtrack, confused and searching for a locked door that I had apparently missed.

The plot is pretty basic to the point where it isn't really necessary at all. In fact, the intro text faded so quickly that I only really took half of it in.

Ambience remains fantastic throughout and is one thing that maintains it's high standard right up to the finale.

On top of all that, the mod is crammed with some really nice scripted sequences, as well as a number of easter eggs that reference music, movies and other videogames.

"Shake it baby."

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