Autonomous Zero was made by Vortex Studios™: Team Rogue Studios Team™: 2016-2018 Welcome to a Titanfall esque Half-life World

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A-Shift says

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Plays like every horrible "my-first-hammer-map-evar" out there, except there's a bunch of them.
And it's 1.5 gigs unpacked because half the files is junk, duplicates, zip-archives, random screenshots, whatnot.


Mr.ProfessorToaster says

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I you're going to put something out, make sure its worth playing first.


Blue199 says

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first map, walked down a hallway, got attacked by 20 CPs, turned it off and never played again
is this a joke


Biohazardoz says

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Very primitive levels, large boxes. The author made many levels, but the mod looks like alpha. There are a lot of enemies, they stand in every corner. They crush the number. But do not mind. I only sustained half of the game. I was annoyed. Die, Load, Die. That's the whole formula. The first mod that caused me irritation, and I usually find something good even in the worst things. But here it did not work out for me. Excuse me.

3/10 if the curve of positive changes appears over time. Maybe the author will be able to do something good. + I agree with the person above. A lot of extra garbage in the archive.


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Alexx321 says

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