Hello neighbor but you must reach the top instead of the bottom.Simple as that.

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Attic Devlog #1


9/7/19 Hey guys Llama here...Sorry for no progress on the Alpha 1 recently...I have been working on getting used to Blender for future use.So because i have nothing to show about the Alpha 1 I thought "Why don't i show some stuff from the Basement Teaser Game (name subject to change)" So that is what I decided to do today.So first off...

Basement Image 1

Bam The first of 5 levels It will contain mainly two environments...those being...1.Corridor2.CaveCorridor is exactly as you expect it would be It would feature rubble,little lighting,and multiple secrets!Cave is also exactly as you would expect.These caves would sometimes be REALLY SMALL but sometimes so big you cant even tell how big.It would lead to other corridors to explore but the worst part is....Caves will have NO light sources...Luckily you will be provided with a Flashlight so you don't fall down some random holes....The next level (aka level 2) is around the same thing as level 1 but...it will also feature another environment that being 3.Odd.these would be REALLY strange places containing insane places that would seem impossible but are somehow...there...in front of your eyes!Currently i cant share any images due to the fact that this level hasn't been worked on yet the next floor is...


A Early Sewer!Now as you can tell i have kinda made almost no progress so far...but still!Its only a VERY EARLY SCREENSHOT.I cant share much besides the fact that its pretty early...and it will be a sewer...but it will feature multiple different areas...You will also be able to explore under the water.There will also be pretty big rooms to explore...What else lies here you will have to wait and see.Level 4 i will not reveal but level 5....well...ya know what....

Screen shot yay

This is Level 5 that being the mineshaft....its pretty early but you can kinda see what im going for...and last thing for today sadly...

The new name for the title

Hope you like the new name for Attic's Basement Teaser!For anyone who doesn't know the Basement will be one of the levels to be found in Attic!Hope you enjoyed the update and see you next time! : )

Alpha 1

Alpha 1


This will be about the Alpha 1 and the future of Attic and whats going to happen to it.

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Attic Pre alpha 3.1

Attic Pre alpha 3.1


Patch Notes (Pre-Alpha 3.1) -Fixed Lighting -Fixed the lodged door on the 2nd floor -You can no longer clip through the top of the vent -Fixed the lock...




!WARNING!This is a simple port to here and contains a lot of bugs!A patch is in the works so i recommend you wait until then to play this.Please report...

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