It is the year 1973. The world repels the deployment of Yuri's Psychic Dominator network. To counter their efforts, Yuri's secret moon base decided to turn the most fearful force into a weapon: gravity. However, they did not expect the gravity distortions their experiments caused to be picked up by an outside force...

Various voicesets

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Various lines from units within Attacque Supérior, featuring the following units with a single line per unit:

Empress Tank (Soviet stolentech)
- Lukoczki Orsolya
Pacted Engineer
- Graion Dilach
Epidemizer (Falklandian)
- Graion Dilach
Eltanin (French radar jammer)
- Györe Dávid
Mind Disc (Yuri stolentech)
- Gula Miklós
Malware Tank (Korean)
- Stefanovszky Roland
Salvage Disc (Yuri)
- Horváth Janka
Shashka (Soviet)
- Hecthor Doomhammer
Amplifier (Russian)
- Graion Dilach
Bootsmann (German)
- Zenothist

List of units without voices:

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