Feel free to post any suggestions or request any features by commenting below. If you can record or take screenshots of you playing the mod, please post them!
Constructive criticism and feedback is highly respected and appreciated, but bear in mind that the mod was created by one person only.


Game Features

  • New game intro video.
  • New splash screen.
  • New shell map.
  • New Zero Hour images in-game.
  • Modified menu appearance.
  • Added a clock on the main menu.
  • Additional music.
  • More color options.
  • More starting cash options.
  • WorldBuilder is now working!
  • Boss General playable but without AI.
  • A custom maps pack to be released along with the mod. (Thx to all the map creators!)

Atlas General Features

  • New Atlas General logo.
  • Atlas General's Challenge is now working.
  • New Atlas video animation in General's challenge.
  • Customized control bar for Atlas General.
  • Added EVA support for Atlas General.
  • Added Reinforcement Tech Building support. It now gives the Atlas General a Paladin Tank, instead of doing nothing.

Atlas General Buildings

  • Command Center
  • Cold Fusion Reactor (8 power, 24 with upgrade)
  • Supply Center
  • Barracks
  • War Factory
  • Airfield
  • Strategy Center (can contain 20 hackers for hacking)
  • Oil Derrick (Limit: 2) - (Thx to Reborn Mod)
  • EMP Patriot Turret
  • Laser Turret
  • Tomahawk Turret (long range) - (Thx to Reborn Mod)
  • Firebase (long range fortification, morale booster)
  • ICBM (Fires a very powerful neutron missile with EMP and radiation effects) Limit: 2, Countdown: 7:00

Atlas General Units

  • Infantry:
    • Ranger (starts as veteran)
    • Missile Defender
    • Machinegunner (increased range anti-ground, anti-air machinegun)
    • Pathfinder (requires upgrade)
    • Jarmen Kell
    • Stealth Ranger (stealthy, moves faster than normal rangers, climbs hills) Limit: 16
    • Delta Force (commando unit, amphibious, climbs hills, special abilities, morale booster, heroic veterancy, horde bonus)
    • Pilot (Heroic veterancy)
    • Hacker
  • Utility:
    • Dozer
  • Vehicles:
    • M1A1 Abrams (Anti-Tank cannon, Anti-Infantry Machinegun) - (Thx to Reborn Mod)
    • M2 Bradley IFV (Amphibious, Infantry Carrier, Anti-Tank Cannon, Built with 2 rangers) - (Thx to Reborn Mod)
    • Laser Tank
    • Nuclear Paladin (requires upgrade, fires nuclear-tipped shells)
    • Nuclear Overlord (fires nuclear-tipped shells)
    • Tomahawk
    • Avenger
    • Microwave Tank
    • ECM Tank
    • Sentry drone (without MGs, only used for detection)
    • Hacker Van (can contain hackers for gathering, detects stealth)
    • Ambulance
  • Air-Force:
    • F-18F (Bomber) - (Thx to Reborn Mod)
    • F-22 King Raptor (Stealthy fighter-bomber - 6 missiles)
    • F-35 JSF (Stealthy fighter-bomber - 2 tactical nuke missiles) - (Thx to Reborn Mod)
    • F-117 Stealth Fighter
    • Aurora Alpha
    • B2 Spirit (Stealth carpet bomber, upgrade-able to fire a nuclear bomb) Limit: 2 - (Thx to Reborn Mod)
    • Commanche
    • AH64D Apache Longbow (Attack Helicopter, Anti-Air, Anti-Ground) - (Thx to Reborn Mod)
    • AH-6 Littlebird (Fast scout helo, Transports infantry) - (Thx to ShockWave Mod)
    • Combat Chinook (Also a supply gatherer)
    • V-22 Osprey (Heavy Transport) - (Thx to Reborn Mod)
  • Upgrades:
    • Advanced Control Rods (x3 Power)
    • Supply Lines (+10% income)
    • Land & EMP mines
    • Capture Building
    • Flash-bang grenades
    • Countermeasures
    • Stealth Upgrade for Commanches
    • Advanced Training
    • Composite Armor
    • Drone Armor
    • Bunker Busters
    • Rocket Pods
    • Laser Missiles
    • Nationalism
    • Uranium Shells
    • Nuclear Tanks
    • Isotope Stability
    • Spirit Nukes - (Thx to ShockWave Mod)
  • General Powers (Special Abilities):
    • Spy Sattelite
    • Intelligence
    • Paladins
    • Spy Drone
    • Pathfinder
    • Paradrop
    • A10 Strike
    • Artillery Barrage
    • Fuel Air Bomb (Upgradeable to MOAB)
    • Leaflet Drop
    • Spectre Gunship
    • ICBM (Increased damage radius, EMP effects) Countdown: 7:00, Limit: 2
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Atlas Mod v3 Changelog

Release Date: 26 Sep 2016
Changes are relative to version 2 of the mod. For a full list of mod features, take a look at the mod description instead.

General Stuff

  • Changed Atlas Logo -> Created an original one
  • Created a new Splash Screen.
  • Added a new Atlas Introduction video.
  • The menu is now color-coded.
  • Multiplayer button has been removed.
  • A clock has been added on the bottom left corner of the main menu.
  • Changes some in game UI images.
  • Worldbuilder is now working!
  • General’s Challenge is now working properly! (you can play and win missions)
  • Atlas video animation added in Generals Challenge.
  • Customized the control bar for Atlas General.
  • Created a custom shell map.
  • Removed Beige color due to similarity with white used for neutrals.

New Unit Additions

  • Added the B2 Spirit Bomber and B2 Spirit Nuclear Bombs upgrade. (Thx to ShockWave Mod)
  • Added Apache Attack Helicopter. (Thx to ShockWave Mod)
  • A new neutron missile (ICBM) effect. (Thx to Chappi’s two stage nuke mod)
  • Added the AH-6 Littlebird (scout helicopter), which has an anti-infantry weapon and can carry 4 infantry units. (Thx to ShockWave Mod)
  • Added the Hacker Van, which can detect stealthy units and transport hackers while they hack for money.
  • A new power plant advanced control rods upgrade unique for Atlas. New textures for the advanced control rods.

Unit Changes

  • Changed the countdown timer of the ICBM to 7 minutes to compensate for the increased power. The ICBM now requires $10,000 and takes 5 minutes to be built.
  • Changed the countdown timer of the Artillery Barrage to 4 minutes.
  • Delta Force can also climb cliffs and swim (kind of).
  • Stealth Rangers are now able to climb cliffs and move faster than normal rangers.
  • Machinegunner model and skin changed.
  • Paradropping now drops:
    • Paradrop 1: 5 Stealth Rangers.
    • Paradrop 2: 10 Stealth Rangers.
    • Paradrop 3: 10 Stealth Rangers, 10 Missile Defenders, 2 Bradleys
  • M2 Bradley not able to move on cliffs, but only on land and sea.
  • Bradley now starts with 2 rangers instead of 3.
  • Changed Abrams model. (Thx to Zeke)
  • Changed the Uranium Shells and Nuclear Tanks upgrades price to $2500 each.
  • Changed nuclear missiles to neutron missiles (no radiation fallout).
  • Increased Osprey transport slots to 15.
  • Several upgrades moved to the Strategy Center:
    • Drone Armor
    • Composite Armor
    • Bunker Busters
    • Rocket Pods
    • Laser Missiles
  • Reduced Ranger horde bonus requirement to 7 units.
  • Removed the Hijacker.
  • Infantry now has chemical suits armor by default.
    • Ranger
    • Missile Defender
    • Stealth Ranger
    • Pathfinder
    • Machinegunner
    • Pilot

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where nuclear missiles would fly off at a weird angle. (Thx to Zeke)
  • Fixed Abrams tank gun missing Detonation FX.
  • Fixed Bradley tank gun missing Detonation FX.
  • Fixed Abrams machine gun missing fire sound.
  • Fixed Atlas Command Center duplicate module tag.
  • Fixed Atlas Oil Derrick duplicate module tag.
  • Fixed Atlas Tomahawk Battery missing weapon. (Thx to Zeke)
  • Fixed Atlas Airfield duplicate module tag. (Thx to Zeke)
  • Fixed Atlas War Factory duplicate module tag. (Thx to Zeke)
  • Fixed Atlas Strategy Center duplicate module tag. (Thx to Zeke)
  • Fixed Atlas Chinook missing armor. (Thx to Zeke)
  • Fixed Atlas Osprey duplicate module tag. (Thx to Zeke)
  • Fixed Atlas Ranger duplicate module tag. (Thx to Zeke)
  • Fixed Atlas Stealth Ranger duplicate module tag. (Thx to Zeke)
  • Fixed Atlas Delta duplicate module tag. (Thx to Zeke)
  • Fixed Atlas Tomahawk duplicate module tag. (Thx to Zeke)
  • Fixed Atlas Paladin duplicate module tags. (Thx to Zeke)
  • Fixed Atlas Overlord duplicate module tag. (Thx to Zeke)
  • Removed the chemical suits upgrade, which caused the game to crush when infantry was created with veterancy and chemical suits upgrade.
  • Fixed bug where the nuclear missile launches at a weird angle.
Atlas Mod - Version 2 Update

Atlas Mod - Version 2 Update

News 1 comment

A summary of the new features in the 2nd version of the Atlas Mod.

Atlas Mod Release Notes

Atlas Mod Release Notes


A brief summary of the release of the Atlas mod for Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour.

Atlas Mod Features

Atlas Mod Features

Feature 1 comment

This article provides a description of the most prominent edits and features included on the Atlas Mod.

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Patch 2 comments

A modified version of GameData.ini that puts the game speed back at 30fps, letting you play Generals Challenge with the Atlas mod without any speed-based...

Atlas Mod v3.1 with installer

Atlas Mod v3.1 with installer

Patch 20 comments

The Atlas mod now has an installer which will help you install the mod by just selecting your C&C Generals Zero Hour directory.

Atlas Mod v3

Atlas Mod v3

Full Version 15 comments

The third version of the Atlas Mod, with significant bug fixes and new additions.

Atlas Mod v2

Atlas Mod v2

Full Version 6 comments

Atlas Mod is a Mod designed for Command and Conquer: Generals Zero Hour that allows the player to play as a newly created faction or general called Atlas...

Atlas Mod v1.3

Atlas Mod v1.3

Full Version 3 comments

The first public release of the Atlas Mod (Version 1.3) for Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 97)

How to fix very fast game speed in Generals Challenge:

Step 1: Find GameData.ini in Data/INI folder
Step 2: Change the value of FramesPerSecondLimit from 50 to 30
Step 3: Save

The game is hardcoded to run properly at 30FPS, trying to change the FPS for smoothness only results in the animations and scripts going haywire.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

how do i find the framepersecondlimit file? i can't find it

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Folder: Data
Subfolder: INI
File: GameData.ini
Find a passage that says "FramesPerSecondLimit" and change the value from 50 to 30

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

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Please fix the CTD with ICBM launcher in future.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

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Waiting for updates .year after year.

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General "Ironsides" who had now been retired after the war against GLA get a phone call from Atlas PMC (Privated Military Corp.) Offering the position of commander for him. In return for the "good" payments and stuff, his "contract" is to "tested" all the generals from the last war with the best arsenal that the PMC have or else something really bad will happened to him and Murica...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Atlas General's Tomahawk Launcher and Paladin Tank REALLY need an overhaul though, imho at least, since the MUCH better MRLS (What I prefer to call it) is MUCH better due to its rapid fire rate, and in Beng's "Laser Demo Nuke Mod" it has an optional upgrade that, while taking away its rapid-fire capability, it gives it MUCH more potent firepower in return for each individual MRLS unit upgraded with this option, since one can decide to have it upgraded on each of them, and it also has different firing modes for each situation, making it ever MORE badass... heh heh heh ^-^ As for the Paladin Tank, it REALLY needs an upgrade since the Abrams Tank is a MASSIVE deal stronger than the Paladin Tank after all, making spending a Gen Point on it pointless in all honesty... XD lol

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I love this mood

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