This project is closed due to lack of help and I have no time and it has been awhile since I worked on the mod I was almost finished with Africa but I took a break and thought no one would even get a mod for supreme ruler 2020 And Cache the files would take an whole day but for you it would not because you would have the cache file but for me it would in order for the mod to work or you would have to cache it yourself if I don't which ik you don't want to do. the more things you change in the mod the longer it will take because the game has to read it all. Sorry if you wanted it but I doubt anyone will look at this anyways.

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I am new to modding CK2 so it will take time getting use to it's system.
I Originally did not want to even show this mod page yet as of I have barely started on anything currently I am getting all the files ready so it will take time to do this.

I've added Artwork of some designs I might add there example of the Dynasty Flags and Portraits and what I hope I can change the cities to look like. Now these are just examples does not mean they will be in the game.

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