One-man mod. Planed to have over 40 playable factions. Going for realism with units ragin' from as early as late world war 2 to near future units. Mod will be release in the near future, as i plan to release early betas instead of holding on to something that never get released anyway.

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OutcastOne Assault Horizon Modder
Apr 25 2011 Anchor

I need the community help with this, what i need help with is kinda simple. I need knowledge about all diffrent armies reserve units. At the moment i would appreciate it if someone could contribute with reserve units for United Kingdom, Russia and China. Preferbly i would like comfirmation from a person that have that country as their home country, so a Russian dude for the Russian army and so on.

Post pictures of the unit if possible, and a link for some background information of the unit.

Apr 26 2011 Anchor

Hey, Outcast.

Instead of writing every single we use for reserves and stuff, I have this:

To be honest though, we don't really differentiate our Reserves, we all use the same equipment.

Good luck with the mod, buddy.

Apr 30 2011 Anchor

Really the majority of the time you can look at the military units a large country (China, Russia, United States, England, etc.) and look at the unit that preceded it and thet will give you a decent idea of what their reserve forces use. For example, Russia currently fields the T-80 and T-72 variants, and their reserve armoured forces are made up mostly of T-54/55s and T-62s. The US currently fields the M1A1 and M1A2, while the national guard uses mostly M1s and M60A1-3 tanks. France: AMX13->LeClerc, Germany: Leopard 1->Leo2A5-6, England: Chieftain->Challenger 1-2, etc. You can find similar trends with aircraft, tanks are just easier to use as examples.
This is by no means the rule, but it should give you a pretty good idea of what you should be looking for as far as what a country's reserve forces are composed of.


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Apr 30 2011 Anchor

P*a*t*t**o*n, in regards to the stuff we use, we (the U.K) don't have the money to maintain old vehicles along with new. :P

We pretty much get a new vehicle and just replace everything. Harriers for example - Now that the F35 is coming out, we're scrapping every Harrier Unit to make money for a new aircraft carrier which (criticising my government here) goes towards holding F35s. Where we're going to get the money for them - I do not know. :P.

Back on topic though, we usually use a certain asset for like 20-30 years and then just do a massive replacement job. So, Challenger 2s and other modern stuff is used by every Armed Forces branch, just that the main fighting forces take priority. Anyways, just my contributions, apologies if it sounded like I undermined you mate.

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