One-man mod. Planed to have over 40 playable factions. Going for realism with units ragin' from as early as late world war 2 to near future units. Mod will be release in the near future, as i plan to release early betas instead of holding on to something that never get released anyway.

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Air burst rockets/artillary? (Games : C&C: Generals Zero Hour : Mods : Assault Horizon : Forum : Request Function : Air burst rockets/artillary?) Locked
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Nov 22 2012 Anchor

The M270 MLRS during to gulf war used a type of rocket that burst in the air unleashing thousands of little bomblets on iraqi positions, it was as if they were being showered by hand grenades.
The Iraqis nicknamed it "Steel Rain".

I was wondering if that could be ingame for Rocket systems and high caliber artillary?

OutcastOne Assault Horizon Modder
Dec 5 2012 Anchor

I do not want to give up to information but on this occation i will just say that the "Steel Rain" will be ingame. If it will come equiped with it or if it will be an upgrade will remain a suprise.

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