This mod places you in a non-linear game, with six vastly different levels to explore and complete. This mod encourages you to play a non-linear game, letting you play it how you want, in a world full of objectives, which the player is not forced to complete, but encouraged to, with a reward of ingame money. The money can then be used to buy weapons, nanosuit modes (Which are all locked at the start) and upgrades for your base of operations. We hope to add dozens on features that will provide the player with a feeling of freedom, instead of the large amount of standard modifications that just place you in a set of levels, with only one path that you can follow.

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Welcome to today's news update for the Assassination Mod. Anarchy Productions is constantly working on all aspects of the modification, and today we have part one of three of the next update for the mod, which shows off model, texture and animation work...

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Welcome to today's news update for the Assassination Mod. Anarchy Productions is constantly working on all aspects of the modification, and today we have part one of three of the next update for the mod, which shows off model, texture and animation work which we have done. If you would like to find out more about the mod, comment on it, or any ask questions about it, be sure to comment here.

WIP Weapons
The armoury for the Assassination Mod is always growing larger, and today we have multiple new weapons to present to you, along with an update for the previously created knife. All the weapons, excluding the knife, are currently untextured and not UVW unwrapped. Everything was modelled by team modeller aku123, and rigged/animated by callofduty511 with an exception of the knife, which was rigged/animated by team animator Olli..

The first weapon we have to present to you today, is the Russian AK-101 assault rifle. It will primarily be used as an infantry weapon for enemy forces.

The second weapon we have to show you is another Russian weapon, the RPG-7. It will be the main anti-armour and anti-air weapon, with different warheads for each purpose.

Benelli M3 Super 90
The next weapon we have to show is a new shotgun, the Benelli M3 Super 90. It is currently in an unanimated state, due to team leader and animator callofduty511 experiencing animation exportation errors.

The KRISS Vector CRB/SO is another new SMG for the Assassination Mod, shown in the three renders below in along with attachments. It will be a low recoil gun, while also with having considerable power at it's disposal.

Since the last update, team texturer AciD_013 has been working on an updated texture for the knife, which we now have here to show you.

WIP Props
The team decided that the mod wouldn't feel complete without any custom props, so aku123 set about modelling various props for use in the Assassination Mod, which were then UVW unwrapped by sashaNar and textured by AciD_013, with an exception of the concrete barrier, which was modeled, UVW unwrapped and textured by aku123. Shown below is both a render and an ingame shot of the respective prop.


Concrete Barrier

Wooden Roadblock

WIP Vehicles
Team member sashaNar has been hard at work creating new vehicles for use in the mod, and so we have two air vehicles to present to you today. Both vehicles will be purchaseable by the player.

AH-64A Apache
With a polycount of 7k polygons, the Apache will be the enemy's main air attack vehicle.

V-22 Osprey VTOL
With a steady polycount of 3.5k polysgons, the Osprey VTOL will be used as a transport vehicle, carrying troops and equipment.

Anarchy Productions is currently looking for talented new recruits. If you can fill in one of the following positions, don't hesitate to contact callofduty511 via Crymod PM with your application, or apply via the Crymod ModDB. Please include your username with your application (If applying via Crymod ModDB), and examples of previous work. It is not recommended to apply via ModDB PM.

Character Modeler/Texturer
The team is currently in need of a character modeler/texturer who can model, UVW unwrap , and texture new characters for use in the Assassination Mod. It is not necessary to know how to rig them, but it would be a plus.

Flash Actionscripter
An experienced flash actionscripter is needed to code in a new HUD and main menu.

Particle Creator
Someone who is capable of creating dozens of new particle effects, ranging from explosions to bullet impacts, is needed.

Vehicle Modeller/Texturer
We're currently in need of another vehicle modeller/texturer, one who preferably specializes in ground vehicles (Such as Jeeps, APCs and Tanks). It is not necessary to know how to rig them, but it would be a plus.

UVW Unwrapper
The team is currently in need of more UVW unwrappers to get the Assassination Mod armoury completed faster.

Prop Modeller
The team is currently in need of another prop modeller, who can also create detailed models of buildings. It would be preferable if you could UVW unwrap and texture the models you create, although not absolutely necessary.

Weapon Texture Artist
Another talented weapon texture artist is needed, who can create detailed textures for the weapons in the Assassination Mod's armoury.

Note: All people who were referred to in this update (E.G. aku123 and callofduty511) are members of Crymod, and may not be registered here.

That brings an end to today's update, we hope you enjoyed it. Please feel free to comment. The next two parts of this update will be posted in the near future, so watch out for them.

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- Anarchy Productions Team


Looking great and I like the concept. If you can make the missions varied and complex this will be great fun! I like the idea of buying different weapons, suit modes, camo, and other goodies ;)

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wow nice apache model

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yay another merc game!

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