Arx - End Of Sun is a new free and fan made game that is based on the first person dungeon RPG : Arx Fatalis developed by Arkane Studios. In our game world you will play out the events ( with a liberal dose of poetic licence ) that precede the original story of Arx Fatalis. You will no longer require a copy of Doom3 to play Arx - End Of Sun. We are now running on a custom version of the engine code and we use no assets from any commercial titles in our game.

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Fantastic work for a idtech4 mod, i never thought this mod would be so similar to the real Arx, everything is there, the mouse gesture magic casting, the Arx inventory system and journal, everything, the level design is also very faithful to the Arx world, but obviously with real time lighting and normal mapping. I can only give praises to anyone that worked on this and hope you guys keep on improving it.

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