Arx - End Of Sun is a new free and fan made game that is based on the first person dungeon RPG : Arx Fatalis developed by Arkane Studios. In our game world you will play out the events ( with a liberal dose of poetic licence ) that precede the original story of Arx Fatalis. You will no longer require a copy of Doom3 to play Arx - End Of Sun. We are now running on a custom version of the engine code and we use no assets from any commercial titles in our game.

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You learn a new spell, and then you realize that now you can use it to help a character you couldn't help earlier, reach a place that was previously inaccessible. You know exactly where to go to reach them thanks to landmarks you remember. And it all is your own thoughts, your own memory, not some waypoint in front of you. You are the hero. You are the one who solves the problems.

Level design is memorable. Each location is very interesting to explore, each part of each level has a lot of unique features to make it stand out from other parts, making you remember it.

Exploration is very rewarding. There are plenty of secrets containing valuable items that will aid you in your journey. Walking everywhere and learning the locations will also help completing the quests, as you can see above. And finally, the beauty and variety of the places you visit are the reward, too - you enjoy looking at them and wonder what awaits around the corner.

Often even in expensive commercial games you can see levels which are composed of many very beautiful assets, but actually playing them is not fun, because you just cannot find your way around and have to wander until you stubmle into your destination - they are mazes, not levels. The developers fix that with a quick and dirty hack - give you a minimap with waypoint that constantly tells where to go. And there are puzzles where you receive the answer together with the problem.

These things prevent you from getting immersed in the world and becoming the hero of the game, because hero is the one who makes the decisions, finds the way and solves the puzzles and you just follow the instructions from the onscreen GUI.

And this is why Arx: EoS is a breath of fresh air. Not yet another something between a movie and a game, but pure, 100% game where you do everything yourself. Very engaging and rewarding experience. And very accessible, too - it's completely free and uses IdTech4 - an engine which has the best graphics quality-system requirements balance.

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