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I gave this near max points due to the fact it is an old mod and that it does things that are still not surpassed by the majority of the mods out now.

I mean go on the main COP page. There seems to be some crap appearing lately. There are good ones if they ever get completed which is another issue modding has. But this mod has scripting that is hard to do and beyond your average crap modder (Like me)



As it stands with the 0.5 and 0.5.2 versions this mod is broken and not worth downloading. I'm not saying this to be a ****, but I hope you guys work on it and make a better mod because I switched back to vanilla.

Many descriptions and dialogue options are missing.
Traders don't seem to want to buy anything. Picky about weapon/armor condition (which is normal) but just refuse to buy unused ammo/grenades/other equipment like in vanilla.
You get robbed, so even though you can't get much money you can't keep it anyway. This would be a great game mechanic if there was a bank or safe way to store money.
New sleeping and water mechanics are great ideas, but done poorly. The player starts to fall asleep way too fast. Simple script edit needed.
For the sake of "realism" some weapons arbitrarily weigh more/hold less ammo when original weight specs were accurate to begin with. So it is another annoying and pointless game change.
You can drop the thermos and PDA, but you can't buy replacements. If you lose them you are screwed. So they should be non-droppable items or you should be able to buy replacements.
Weapons with longer barrels should have slightly higher base damage. In real life 12 ga out of a 28 inch barrel will do a lot more than the same out of a 10 inch barrel.
Mutants appear to be bulletproof. It takes magazine after magazine to do any damage.

I like the LURK-style bullet-based ballistics. I love the random anomalies. I love the new suits. I love the new items. And I think a lot of the problematic changes can be made into excellent gameplay improvements with minor tweaks (like a bank account or tab you have to pay for to avoid robberies). But for the listed reasons I got frustrated and quit playing within 30 minutes. That tells me it needs improvement. It's fine if a game is harder. It's not fine if a game is harder because of unrealistic, arbitrary, unfair, poorly thought-out, incomplete or just plain broken gameplay mechanics.

very bad, travelling problem and the road from pripyat crashes into tunnel. The baddest mod of the year! Good

the mod is great but it chrashes evry 15 minutes


I get a crash whn i play the game for like 30 min


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Peoples images bluring as they get close to anomalies, the random anomalies, getting burn damage just for getting close to the burner, more powerful anomalies, my guy dying and saying "Oh God" and the fast knife attack and animation alone make this mod the best I have ever played and thats just a few things I have noticed in about 10 minutes play time! Thank you so much... Can't wait for the fixed English version. XD


Perfect, its really what i expected of the russian community ! :D


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