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pedagogue - Project Leader / Scripter
DyordsTheBell - Scripter / Voice actor / Mesh editor / Mesh exporter
Fat_Nerd21 - Mesh editor / Mesh exporter / Voice actor
JoeTheBoogie - Mesh editor / Mesh exporter
MackThePotato - Sounds designer / Mapper
DatuTheSoy - Private Tester / AFP Consultant / Assistant
ExclusiveSauceYum - Private Tester
piNnaclebeN - Video editor
J.H. Garcia - Voice actor of the NPA faction
Michael Palmero - Voice actor
Pe†eR-KuN - Texture artist
DDogpatch - Mapper

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It's been a long while fellas, I do apologize for I've been distant or inactive in the Battlefield 2 community for 5-6 months I think? But I've been extremely busy, this is mainly due to the fact that I have a daily job to taken care of (same thing goes to my staff, in which I can't pressure them). Church brethren activities that I can't skip, thus, I have to limit my online activity, and lastly this one is severe; A thunderstorm happened in my hometown is also the same date as Typhoon mangkhut struck Philippines, that led to my old computer nearly destroyed. But at grace from the Lord God, all of my data from my HDD are saved so I brought a new Computer days later, and I kept the old one for a possible repairs.

I want to get something off on my chest before I begin:

I would like to apologize for showing my aggressive attitude in the comments section. Look fellas is not about my age (I'm 37 btw soon to be 38), it's not just my personal expression, but is about those millenial spoiled brats (mainly Filipino prats) who are discriminating the core developers and our work over the past of couple of months. Throughout my 30 year as a professional modder, I've seen kinds commentary insults, ratifications, opinions, whatever in various forms so reading those without consent is a nonesense to me:

"deads n b 2, ndi p dn sya nddwnload 3 yrs from now n.. "

"Please Release a Beta version I can't wait to play this mod!
Please mga mag release kayo ng beta version hindi na ako makapag hintay na malaro
and mod na to "

"Hmmmm, screenshotSS pls. 3 stars & 1 sun uhh. "

"jusme, anu n b e2 bkt hnngng ngyn ndi p dn pwede madownload, tagl n tgal n2, 2014 p, 2018 n ngyn.."

"Chuy "

I've warned those idiotic goof balls that never ever intimidate me, but since they didn't respond as of now, they will gonna pay their price. Let me remind you : if you Respect us, we will respect you gratitudely 👍💕. But if you trying to Pissed us off, you better go or shut up 🤜 👊🤛💣. being said I apologize (my bad). Lastly I would like to thank the people (that includes my friends) who track and support it over the past of months, if it wasn't for all of you who knows what their future endeavor will be, you guys are grateful 😉😌.

Being said let's get through it, we wanted to take a look at the pickup handheld weapons first.

First up, I'm gonna share this to you the 941 of Jericho, blast them all man! Anyways, this is a popularly known as the 'Baby Eagle' due to its looks and the mechanism albeit different caliber, most of these guns are in limited use by the Philippine National Police. In game however this is a Desert Eagle type pistol 2-3 shots, if my mathematical algorithm is correct 😉. This weapon fires the .41 Action Express round, the model itself is taken from George's personal collection of Counter-Strike cosmetic skins.



Next we have the Dual Berettas, or .40 Dual Elites. Special thanks to M.Combat who made the 1p animations which is the exact replica from Counter-Strike: Source. While the model belongs to Nexon's Countser-Strike Online.



That's about the secondaries, now i would like to show off the real boom sticks. A first timer should I say, the Ferfrans SOACR. Basically the Philippine version of the LWRC Sniper/Assaulter Battle Rifle (SABR™). There are two types that you will encounter in the mod, the full-auto Assault one, and the semi-auto Sniper variant. I did the coding to replicate the Battlefield 4's SCAR-H, and the SCAR-SV performance, the animations are done by ArseniXC, whereas the model came from Easy Studios' Battlefield Play4Free.

rif soacr

sni soacr

The next one is kinda familiar to those who remembered in the past article blogs. The Government Arsenal 5.56mm Dissipator. Since it is recently replaced by the more awesome Remington R4 I put some additional scripts to become an Assault only weapon thus I don't want to turn this into a wasted content. The whole model from DICE, while the textures are made by JONES™.


Next are some Rare but awesome SMG's. These weapons are another first timers to be featured in this mod, expect changes once we release fully:

The Special Actions Weapon (SAW) 9 sub-machine gun AKA - the “Efficient Reliable Assault Pistol (ERAP)” was a joint research project between the Government Arsenal and Safariland Firearms Manufacturing Corp. Perhaps they are trying to make an cheaper alternative to the MP5 and this is the result. Only available for the Engineer class. The whole model and the textures are from the vanilla game while author of the 1p animation set is Unknown.


The Floro Mk-9 was also another interesting weapon for close quarters currently in limited use by the Philippine Navy. This is the secondary firearm for the Anti-Tank class.


Before I continue, I'll share this one for all of you as a Speedbump type info:

Originally the KG-9 SMG will be a Selectable weapon for the Abu Sayyaf Anti-tank class. But now it is a pickup weapon for the Anti-tank Pickup kit due the imminent replacement for the unique X-9 SMG.

KG9 4

X 9

The next two are the weapons for the Specialist class, the Ferfrans SCW, and the CTAR-21. Both of these models came from MMOFPS game CrossFire.



The next two again are the weapons for the Medic class The Government Arsenal PDW is a prototype SMG, based on the M4 carbine/M16 rifle. Firing the newly developed 7.62×37mm Musang subsonic and supersonic rounds. Thanks to Valve to the CS:GO M4A4 model and the animations are from GlebCLOSE. And the rare bird informally known as the Floro PDW, it is in works but I will provide an image below to what it looks like alongside the Musang.


Next up, the support class will be issuing this unique LMG. The Ferfrans HVLAR was developed to comply requirement needs for accurate firepower for the individual operator. Making it an M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle counterpart.


Two unique sniper rifles will be included for the Sniper class; This MacMillan TAC-50 can capable of one-shot-killing an enemy in the waist at full health. As always, the model is taken from DyordTheBell's personal collection of Counter-Strike skins. And the Government Arsenal's SOCOM 16 rifle for a DMR role, Thanks to Ubisoft for this awesome gun.

Tac 50


The last 4 in the list are 2 Launchers (for the AT class), 1 Grenade Launcher (others), and a Shotgun (Engineer class perhaps) so I'll make it summarized:

The Ferfrans XL-200 will fill the role of a Frag Grenade in other Pickup kits.


Airtronic RPG-7, Credits to DICE.


This one is again, making it it's first appearance, the FGM-77 otherwise known as the M47 Dragon. Thanks to illness88 who contributed this awesome model for our mod.


Lastly the SAS-12 shotgun, work is still underway but nevertheless here is the teaser:

Now we will get to the last part, the vehicles. Just like in the manual description (Don't settle for walking. Get to the action in a hurry by commandeering a civilian car. In times of war, some laws are bound to be broken.) These 5 neutral vehicles will give you the outcome between victory and defeat:

This scooter like Motorcycle is perfect for Rushes or in other cases, drive-bys (Riding in tandem should they called).


Note: it is sill WIP so the model might be changed.

Not satisfied of the Scooter-bike fella? We'll this Trike like rickshaw will give addtionnal protection while retaining it's agility, and driving through steep roads.


The ever popular Philippine Jeepney will fill the role of an Battle bus, kinda similar to the one from C&C Generals: Zero Hour, minus the bunker, hehe. Any personal weapon will do the job done but for Frag grenades, be careful.


The last two are the electric bikes. Not only as silent (no engine sound whatsoever), but these two good for stealth and flanking maneuvers. The bike one is taken from sketchfab, while three wheeled one is from Ubisoft's Splinter Cell, still in work in progress.

e bike 1

e bike 2

Before I wrap things up, I just wanted to know that the two pictures I posted in the images section is not just a Teaser for my next blog but also is a sign that this mod will undergo a big change; specifically the Title itself. Can't reveal any details for now, but you will gonna find out soon in the next few months. This is gonna be an Intense one fellas ;). Oh one other thing, Don't! I mean do not pressure us about the Release date crap. Haha, we are not at that part yet, there are lot more things that need to be worked for. That's all for now fellas, until next time, Peace out!

ASG Weapons Showcase

ASG Weapons Showcase

News 18 comments

Today we wanted to finally show off our insurgency weapons. We hope you enjoy!

P.H. Vehicles showcase

P.H. Vehicles showcase

News 20 comments

We're back! I will address something on what happened on this mod in the past couple of months.

P.H. Handheld weapons showcase

P.H. Handheld weapons showcase

News 20 comments

Not convinced? in our last post? You want to show on what weapons of Armed forces Philippines used, and what it looks like? Grrrr, fine!!!

Mod is not dead (whatever it is)

Mod is not dead (whatever it is)

News 4 comments

Just to prove that our development is still on going as of now.

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weapons are so ugly

Reply Good karma Bad karma-8 votes

At least, try to explain why they are "so ugly"; some of them aren't finished, I think

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes


Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

What the heck is your problem ercan.1453. I don't see any ugliness in all of their work. Maybe you are. What do you think War_Infantry, Nieditsch and Fast&FPS;?

Mod creator preceptor/pedagogue the weapons and vehicles are awesome no question about it. Keep up your good work :D.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+8 votes

The staff is doing a proper excellet job on this mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

Nieditsch adding to the point, my developers are not here to cause some trouble. The fact is they are only here to share their creativity, period. I have no idea what on his head right now.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

I'm totally agree to you preceptor, as a modder we deserve to some get critics but not in this way. There's always places for critics and proper ways to share your opinion about our mod. We totally work here for free and no money were taken from you guys. All we want is other people that enjoy to our mod and appreciate it.
I'm really respect people that giving critics or opinion about how to improving our mod.

I'm not kind a easy to angry guy so I always calm and forgive all the bad things that other people did to me even irl.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

You're damn right, Fast&FPS; we'll said 👍🙂. If that turkish raghead doesn't apologize sincerely on what he did. I have no choice but to mark him as "Persona non grata", no special treatment once our mod is released to the public.

-Steve, BF2 Philippines

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes


Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

Totally unacceptable, very disrespectful Turkey boy[ercan.1453], so explain before you complain. Adding to that those developers are not professionals, they did everything whats best in their modding interests.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes


Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes

Uh oh you are in a big trouble now mate. Prove it ercan.1453.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes
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