The plot takes place in a scientific complex, which is located somewhere in the Arctic. Scientists have found a new agressive form of life in the caves. Can you leave this area?

metroid13 says

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A very enjoyable winterized romp through some classic Half-Life set pieces. It won't hold you for overlong, and it won't overburden you with a clumsy narrative, and it WILL make you shiver for all the arctic style oozing out of it. A solid experience overall.

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This was a surprise release, and what a release! Gameplay was classic Half-Life, and the environments played to the strengths of the original's gameplay. All the fire-fights and ambushes were staged fantastically. The puzzles were straightforward, and not once did I get lost. The only puzzle grievance I had was the box puzzle, as it was possible to move the box far into the mines, away from where you were meant to use it. Perhaps a small ledge could stop this box from being taken away from the intended…

Nov 16 2015 by MrGnang