Arctic Adventure is a HL2 Episode 2 based modification. In this mod you will ride quick as the wind through the Arctic landscapes and fire the familiar and some new weaponry.

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RSS Stealth elements

Nice work, how about some martial art: punch and kick weapons?

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The general feeling of this is very nice. But I would sugguest the following:
1. Make the smoke of the blue nades vent out much faster and go over a bigger field.
with the current speed any enemy could just walk out of the gas, before it takes effect. Also (human) combine always gas masks.

2. Make an direct melee attack from behind an instant kill, and make it impossible to do much damage for any front attack, when not aimed at the head of the target. Rather, enemys should be pushed back and get a small amount of damage (~5-10 hp)

3. Make it possible to kill a single enemy that gets aware of you, before they activate alerts, shoot or put out any man hacks.
Otherwise stealth will fail for most players, who are not completly silent.

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BriJee Author

Thanks for the feedback and ideas.
1) Yep cleverly noticed about gas masks (i think about disable damage of the smoke for soldiers and replace it with disorientation of the enemy's AI, to make this grenade type more effective), and the effect of the gas will be changed soon...

2) Extra damage from behind is already done (sadly that moddb player didn't show notes from YouTube, i already made some comments about few features but it not shown here)
Here is a link for original video with subtitles :
Rather enemies should dont take care about player punches because they have have fine amount of health (not sure about game balance but for now it looks like this)

3) Of couse you can kill enemy who is doing something far of the others, but keep in mind that you need to broke or hide him flashlight too... or you will be easily detected.
I am not show this feature in this video because this thing in development, nothing hard about adding this but i just need some time to get it work properly.

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Demonstration of basic stealth elements.

YouTube version (with notes and subtitles):