Arctic Adventure is a HL2 Episode 2 based modification. In this mod you will ride quick as the wind through the Arctic landscapes and fire the familiar and some new weaponry.

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Hello moddb again ! It's time to tell more about progress...

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Ladies and gentlemen, we glad to say about new additions into mod.

At the first - Realism gamemode.
The realism gamemode should add more sensations in the playing for both casual, and advanced-pro players.

We mean if realism mode is enabled you will get:

  • Camera bobbing when walk and run, also weapons will be lower at run.
  • No medkits at mod, but you will get alternative - health regeneration.
  • Friendly Fire - so you need to check your accuracy as not to damage an ally.
  • Enhanced npc relationships with player - if you shot an ally, so ally npcs will try to kill you.
  • Else if realism mode is disabled you will get original Half-Life 2 game style.

Here is example screens of realism mode in-game:

Realism mode enabled Realism mode disabled

Also we replaced ~ 90% of effects to new particle one, here is result:

Particle explosion Particle water impacts

And we have added enhanced shadow angles by Saul Rennison into mod.

Updated shadow angles

As well we testing some main scenes from time to time:

Helicopter scene testing View from helicopters window\

While that's not all that we wanted to tell you, but we will say more when the other features will be ready, so do not forget us.


Looks good. Keep it up!

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Regenerating health isn't more realistic -- in fact it's pretty much the opposite. Unless Freeman's health regenerates over, say, a year's time.

Also the AI will need to be understanding with Freeman makes one mistaken friendly fire shot every so often. Half-Life had it so you essentially had to shoot someone three times or melee them three times in a row (within roughly five to two minutes) to get them to become aggressive.

Otherwise, sounds all good. Although I might have someone check your grammar. "in mod" not "at mod"

At's more of a location description, In's a more of a "it's part of or inside of" descriptor.

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I agree with you, health regen is even more unrealistic. I think it's better lower the amount of health given by the medkit.

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If they -really- wanted to push realism, have only the HEV suit regenerate, with the health progressively getting lower until completion of a chapter or if you really wanted to be brutal, have it constantly unhealable. This would make it like a hybrid of the original Brothers in Arms games and the shield system of Halo.

Another thing that would add into realism would be, say, making the player run at different rates depending upon the weapon their wielding and the combined weight of the guns they are carrying.

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I think you can remove the health regenerate, Add ability to heal yourself from different tools but it must take some time or one of our medic friends can come near us and screen will black out, then there will be bandages around the wounded area

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