Arcade Mode aims to bring the fast paced point accumulation action similar to that seen in Doom 2016 to Blood. Paint the town red and kill everything you see to increase your points and score multiplier. Level up and collect Skulls to further increase your multiplier, pickup devastating power ups and enter into a bloodlust frenzy. It's time to get your hands bloody!

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VGames says

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This is a definite work of art and perfection. Behemoth knows what he's doing for sure and delivers a very well tailored mod for BFS. Bringing a lot of what made Doom 2016's Arcade Mode to the Blood world with such precision, this mod gives the user a whole new way to play. Chocked full of nice features and a well crafted design Arcade Mode takes replay-ability to a whole new level.


TrueRT says

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A great idea realized with a lot of hard work and dedication

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