APERTURE'S HOUR fills the gap between Portal & Half-Life by giving a look at Aperture Laboratories during the Black Mesa Incident and the resulting Seven Hour War. Taking the role of an employee stuck in a testing cycle following GLaDOS' complete takeover on Bring Your Daughter to Work Day, make your way through and escape the now malfunctioning facility.

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April 2012 Update


Hello everyone!

I have a few bits of news for you.

First off, welcome Razor792 (or just Razor) to the development team as the new leader. He messaged me pretty soon after I posted my last piece of news and he explained how much experience he had with Hammer. I was impressed, so please do welcome him.

"Travelling back to the 80s" - Mapping by Razor792

Second, I am not out of the development team, I am still part to do mapping and graphics but I do not play the largest role since I am pretty busy. One of my recent projects has been to redo the ModDB graphics, so you'll be seeing the new graphics popping up soon.

Thirdly, I'm just putting it out there, if you think you'd be able to help with development, please message Razor792.

Thank you.

- BlabVoid

Development of Aperture's Hour

Development of Aperture's Hour

News 1 comment

The Mod has been on development hiatus for quite some time now, and I have been unable to work on it due to a few circumstances.

Opening Up

Opening Up

News 2 comments

The Mod seems to be starting off well. 3 Mappers, a Composer, 2 Voice Actors, a Public Relations Adviser and a Playtester.

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Im just imagining trying to defend the facility during the resonance cascade.
Atlas, P-Body, some security, olympians and astronauts from stasis.
Not to forget turrets.

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Mdaaa... nothing from working "war"

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It seems the mod has been revived, good news then. ^^

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Is still alive this mod?

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Would you like a Test Designer? I have the community map maker and can make maps.. your mappers can make them from my design and replace it with like... Old Aperture Stuff :P

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It is too bad that the Portal 2/Alien Swarm version of the Source Engine doesn't support content from earlielr versions, because it would have been awesome if you had Zen wildlife in Aperture, plus some way to kill them.

Not only that, but a friend of mine got bored and decided to start poking around Portal 2's sound files, and found something about Aperture Zombies. I wonder what that is for.

And finally, do any of you remember the turret you can save from Redempton in Portal 2? Listen carefully to what it says.

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Yap, I found that "zombie sounds" too. Kinda creepy. There also were references to... chicken? Lolwut.

Anyway, I know a guy who remade a combine strider to work in P2. Cool thing. He also did a working RPG swep, what is quite unbelivable. But it's true. I had it, working on my computer. Try to search in youtube, there should be download link somewhere.

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I think this new logo with the lambda symbol looks better than the precedent one, but the version on this page looks strange, with the A letter just stuck to the aperture symbol.

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BlabVoid Creator

yeah I kind of just rushed it.
i'm going to re do it.

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Can I help with the music?

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Razor792 Creator

If you're interested, please message me.

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