Aperture Ireland tells the story of a test subject in one of Aperture's regional branches. Solve puzzles and dodge bullets as you start to unravel the facility's dark secret.

lpfreaky90 says

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The mod contains a lot of the elements that weren't in portal 2, for a reason. Some maps made no sense at all.
The difficulty is also to low, since this is a portal 2 mod you can assume that anyone who plays this has finished portal 2. Anyone who has completed portal 2 shouldn't have a problem with this mod.

The graphics were also no where near the quality of the original game.

The greatest difficulty I found in this mod was the fact that a lot of test objects were hidden in very weird places, where you couldn't see them. Also the unexpected deaths that happened in the game a few times was something I wasn't happy about.

All in all it's only a 2/10 from me.

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