This mod takes place in the year 793 of our Lord, when emperor Charlemagne ruled over most of Europe. Fight in his wars and help him conquer all of the known world or fight beside his enemies and destroy his kingdom.

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Good mod and timeline, a shame that the era is often underrated


The mod itself is great, the time era is also great. They did a really well job to make you feel like you're a part of history.

Its really exciting to go back in early middle ages period and be part of history. For me, I try and attempt to rebuild the western roman empire for fun and i'm nearly succeeded too. Keep up the good work and Hope for siege tools to be developed too

This mod is set in really interesting and underrated timeline. It still is in early stage and need some polishing and bug fixes but as for version 0.84 it clearly deserves 10/10.
Love playing this whlie listening The Vikings soundrack :)

Really interesting project and hard to made...nice job, keep it going ;)

The mod is very, very cool. A few translation mistakes here and there, and the map is maybe too big, but in general it's a wonderful piece set in one of the most interesting eras of human history.


Cool Mod


XXachillesThEBEAstXx says

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Very Well Done Mod.


Good mod and timeline!! This mod has a lot of potential! love it so far.

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