(Staying true to the original Amnesia: the Dark Descent, You begin this story having amnesia...) Darkness has descended across the land, and has polluted your mind as you are unable to remember any past events, you must find out what has happened...

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Complex Level Designs are Complex.................

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How's it goin' guys? Just wanted to put a little update here, I'm currently still working on the level design for this full conversion and... Theres alot to do... But i'm working as hard as I can, with work getting in the way of things, I cannot determine when this will be finished and ready for beta testing, but i'm hoping I will be done before Winter comes around, maybe a little later... BUT... We will see.

Level progression

Intro: 0%

Starting map: 50% - Have the basic template laid out.

1st map: 90%-100% - Might do some tune ups after beta testing.

2nd map: 40% - Going to be a large map. Have a few scripted events set up, but map is incomplete.

Planning at least 5 more maps...

I think I will be doing the intro level last as I am still relatively new to custom camera movement n'shit... But intro is not entirely needed at this point and could possibly use it later in the story rather than at the beginning...

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