The castle caved in on you. You heard the unnatural screams of those who succumbed to illness. You tried to find a way out. Hundreds of years later the memory of this place and the people it consumed has been lost. Until now, that is. It's the year 1997, your name is Robert and you have a special gift. But now you got yourself in trouble. Forced into the sewers with no way back up you have to find a way out. It shouldn't be hard but.. what are those cries for help coming from below?

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The custom story is good, the level design is unique and the devs really knows where to place the monsters, but the story is kinda "cliche" because you wake up in a sewer after being thrown in a hole and 10 minutes later you are messing with dark forces and you don't know why, and there's tons of glitches too like, you can't load a save after going through an map because you will lose the lore and the monsters will not appear... and many others, but in general, this custom story is good! 7/10!

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That was a really great mod showing that Amnesia community is still alive and able to grow juicy fruits of hard labor and steel nerves.

Jun 8 2016 by Slanderous