A compelling continuation of the Amnesia story, canonically taking place seconds after the "Portal ending". Explore the alien world that holds the secrets of the Orb, the Guardian, and Alexander.

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This was my first custom story for Amnesia, though I really shouldn't call it that since its actually a continuation from the base game. Through the portal is basically a mini sequel to the games "Good" ending where you throw Agrippa's head through the portal, hence the name of this mod. Wheres the game ended rather ambiguously with Daniels fate left uncertain, this mod has Daniel being teleported to a strange new world. I'll leave it at that since the mods length is very short and there isn't much to cover without spoilers, though I will say the ending was an unexpected gem that made me somewhat emotional on how it comes full circle.
There are a few things though that made this mod from being perfect, such as its length which I think could have gone on a little longer. Also, the scare factor is pretty low for this one, It wasn't very creepy and the small abundance of monster encounters was rather disappointing. However, this mod was meant to be played right after the main game, so after traversing the hell that was Brennenburg castle and dealing with Alexander, you've pretty much conquered all the fears and phobias the game was throwing at you, so closure was more important than new scares for this mod. Finally, the story, or the notes you read at least felt....rushed, Some notes just seemed inconsistent with Amnesia's main story.
Aside from those minor complaints, I really did like this mod, it felt like it could have been part of the actual game if it was refined a little bit better. The song in the great chamber is hauntingly beautiful, props to the mods author if he made it himself and the ending is a gem, as stated before, really makes up for the this mods shortcomings. Overall, I give this an 8/10, Definitely a must to play at least once!

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I loved the environment, the colors and the portal/orb system!
I thought it was too short tho and not scary, would have been a crystal clear 10 if it was maybe 3 or 4 times longer and more scares. Even tho some glitches here and there.

Dec 27 2012 by vew