Amnesia: The Streets of London is a fan-made sequel to Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. It is from another point of view and branches into it's own story.

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prenz says

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Awesome mod!
A bit too dark in some environment and confused in the padlock puzzle, but really an outstanding mod!
Good scary and disturbing moments, mapping absolutely fantastic, also the musics and the voiceacting.
10/10 - Masterpiece.

So I waited for about a year or two for this mod, the wait was worth it. Level design looks professionally done. Voice acting is very nice, protagonist could've had a better mic though. The story is good and i loved every second. I do wish it was a bit lighter in some environments though. 10/10 on this. Amazing job man!

Amazing custom story, better than Amnesia A Machine for Pigs. Very unique experience with a lot of original ideas. Also a very scary experience with a lot of scares and haunting moments. Very interesting and unique story. A lot of enemies, and I mean A LOT. Only downside: it is too short

- Unholydecapitation


Chaos. Terror. Dreadful paranoia. These few words are sufficient to sum up this mod.
Amnesia: The Streets of London figures up among the best mods I've ever played. It has everything; masterfully crafted levels, pain-stilling events, vile and chilling encounters, great story, and an amazing atmosphere of being endangered almost always. This is what Machine for Pigs could (and should) have been in terms of horror. I've kept being outnumbered, surrounded, and just overwhelmed by the manpigs prowling freely across the streets of London.
The creator has taken care of making the city feel a bit more "alive"; he has added actual NPCs running around as beasts are constantly pursuing and feasting upon them, making the game even more disturbing. You will see people being slaughtered, tormented, brutally bludgeoned to death, as manpigs swirl around within the town in their sanguinary rampage.
However, I didn't like some things as well. The amount of pigs was sometimes WAY too high, and it was pretty common for me to die torn to shreds by three, or even four frights. Combine that with the fact that from time to time I simply didn't know where to go, so I'd ran around like an idiot, and have been mutilated constantly. Some levels felt like mazes; there were pretty much no clues on where to go, what to do, etc, besides simple mementos that your character writes (my favorite one being an entry literally saying "-Survive."). The tunnels map kind of lacked ambience as well, I dunno whether that was a technical issue or a planned aspect, but it felt weird to me.
Overall, this is a fantastic mod in spite of the cons I've mentioned. It breathes new life into Amnesia, and yet again proves that the game is not dead.
Play this and redeem yourselves, redemption is at hand!


HumiliatoR says

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Well that was quite an adventure, but in my opinon I wish it was little longer.

I loved those AMFP assetts and you guys nailed it this time, using those creatively, but coolest thing in whole mod was the beginning when I see those animated people running I was like "WOAH, that's new and amazing" and this moment happens many times, you see a lot alive people too, not just monsters and you surviving here.

Story is cool to follow and easy to understand, searching and exploring the city was fun and something different, whole city how is it builded is so mezmerizing and so unique to look at it and how beautifully it was maded and there are so many streets to explore, I was heading wrong direction at times, which is good and sometimes little challenging to find the right route in the end. Pigs are scary and immersive, however I was **** scared when I see new enemies as well and that "suitor with new style looked thing" I screamed couple times when I was seeing those statues and suddenly it follows me, same thing when I first encountered that widow, WOW. So terrifying.

Desing is so good, but sometimes I got little bored with too dark places, I love when you have to survive, but there isn't nearly oil at all, I only found like 4-5 bottles max on whole mod, surviving with pigs is really challenging at times, and I liked it, well done here, really intelligent enemies this time to dodge and stay away from them.

Puzzles are great, but there wasn't that much of those, but one time I got stuck when you hit container that lock and then I was really stuck and confused what to do next? Well after searching almost 30 minutes I was like "oh" that's unique, but how it's possible if you waste all you're oil? Just wondering.

Scares are really good and terrifying, but sometimes I think there are too many encounters which make's game easily hard or you just have to die many times.

I noticed couple bugs at the cellar map, where is that "Container puzzle thingy" One of the rooms have misplaced door frame and wall, if you look closely. Another was when I climbed down the ladders and addicently I died and respawned down there, literally freezing screen, because script is deactivated that moment I think. And lastly some stairs are bugged and have to jump couple more times not to get stuck on those.


- Music
- Scares
- Atmosphere
- Design stunning
- Pigs and other enemies
- Storytelling


- Little bit longer
- Couple bugs

Overall it was great adventure, but in the end I kind of feeled repetitive moment those last maps, because I think I saw similar design at the original campaign as well, I guess. Still awesome experience and thank you for making this, it's really good addition, when making AMFP mods.

Really well made AMFP mod with unique atmosphere and design - 9/10

Crashes all the time. Vague puzzles.


Great mod! :)

This is a very cool mod! there is one thing! mod crashes. When I first played, he just flew out, but I could go on. But the second time, I can't get through this. I do not know what the problem is. I changed the settings unsuccessfully. In general, I would put this mod 9/10, but since the mod crashes 7/10. The author does not worry. If you want to create a mod of a different type, try to correct this error.

Crashes, crashes crashes and this mod is just impossible to complete with million pigs.

i appreciate the work input, the stable fps in the working maps, well crafted levels, with nice atmosphere and music but i just cannot ignore how this mod tests the engine's limits in a bad way. on certain computers (including mine) the amount of stuff put into levels crashes the game pernamently, on SEVERAL occasions throughout the story. you need a powerful rig to run this mod, but not because it has an unplayable framerate, but because the game just cannot handle some of your levels without an extra punch of a powerful machine. i'm sad i had to watch a let's play after like 3 workarounds on crashes for the second half of the mod, i even skipped some levels on purpose, but after a short time another crash occured and i've had enough. i returned to this a year later just to see the problem is still unsolved and my only choice is to get a better computer or launch all the playable levels (there are some that cannot be loaded no matter what) separately. which is a shame considering no other mods of this scale do this. i played as long as i could endure, and the bonus content which were nice, although the darkness felt unnecessary at certain points and required a bit of increase in gamma if i didn't want to waste all my oil. i do not aggree to those people who gave a very low score because of the crashes, the content worths much more, but so far this is the best i could give..

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Awesome mod!
A bit too dark in some environment and confused in the padlock puzzle, but really an outstanding mod!
Good scary and disturbing moments, mapping absolutely fantastic, also the musics and the voiceacting.
10/10 - Masterpiece.

Nov 28 2016 by prenz