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gatts205 says

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DISCLAIMER: I only managed to get through chapters 1, 2, and part of 3 before a bug reared it's ugly head. I DID NOT take any points off for this! So this is a review based off what I got through.

Sounds and voice acting:
Mostly default amnesia sounds no problem. Voice actor(s) sounded a little bored, but at least you could understand them.

Maps and Design:
TOO BIG! You need to edit your maps down to a more reasonable size. I should not have to sprint for minutes in empty hallways and rooms to go from one area to another. The layout could use some work too. Some areas did not feel like real locations. For example in the archives you go DOWN steps and end up in an area with WINDOWS. Unless the archives are perched on a cliff, you would be underground after going down. Suffice it to say this is the weakest part of this mod. Although most maps at least had proper atmosphere.

Except for dogs (so far) mostly default amnesia enemies. The number of encounters is about right. Although I ran into some troubles with enemies getting stuck inside walls. Probably a fault of the engine though.

Puzzles and items: There were a few minor weaknesses here. Some items you had to be very thorough to find. I don't consider this a 100% bad thing, but I can see how this is an annoyance to some. Certain puzzles could use more clear instructions/guidance.

Random thoughts:
-Nice work on certain chases! Very tense
-Good twist on the elevator. I liked the idea of it getting stuck.
-Many parts could use a little more oil.
-The intro with setting up the gamma repeated each time I started it up. Just a minor annoyance.

Why I got stuck:
I am one of a number of people where the lever puzzle for powering the elevator in the mines is not working. I think I understand what I am supposed to do by reading the comments on the main page. However, it still isn't working. I might be able to fix by reloading an earlier save, but I am tired after spending 20+ minutes trying to figure it out. Since my own laziness and the age of the mod are the main factors I don't look at it more negatively because of this.


Hoshang-Etemadi says

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everything was good until the f**king hard puzzle came in my way !
it took me centuries to figure out that i should put the bed under the clothes of those who were dead on chapter three in office room and not on their bodies !
and again a few couple of minutes i encounter another f**king unsolvable puzzle ... !
in the lava chamber i obtained all requirements for vaccine and eventually i successfully created the vaccine and created a syringe too but when i put the vaccine down and tried to use it , it tells me in need more stuff to use it ...... !
this dude (the creator) looks like forgot that not everyone are as smart as einstein to solve this damn puzzles .... !
but i also must mention this as well !
everything except this was great !
soundtracks were chosen wisely !
good jump scares and monster chase was awesome !
i also like the idea of adding the wolfs in this mod ! the game needed new kind of enemies after a while !
well all and all i can say the gameplay wasn't repetitive !
it had a lot of potential to become a great mod ! and it was far more better than your previous mod ! but you earned a huge amount of negative points IMO from putting hard puzzles in this mod ! 5/10


Just amazing


antarctico says

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For early 2014, Sweedish Games is back for Episode II of The Fugitive. The game is a vast improvement from Episode I, but whatever the first didn't copy from the original Amnesia game, Episode II finished the job and then some. Continuing the story, the plot finally thickens, but also the dialogue is a miss when using the same lines as the original game. The first section of the game, the underground prison is a maze to behold and keeps one on the edge of their seat. The city inside a massive underground tunnel is an impressive section, something that couldn't be pulled off in Episode I. The game is set in 1881, but it turns into the 1910's when descending into the cold felt underground chamber with violent dogs derived from the Penumbra series. Overall, this game gets better the further in. Unpredictable scenes leads to higher-intensive maps to scurry along and this does a good job as the story continues.


Ok, this episode was a little bit better than the previous one, yet there is still a lot of work to be done. It was incredibly long and in many parts also quite boring and annoying. The task you put before us were repetitive. I was usually supposed to find a key or turn on the machine, again and again. The maps were averagely done and sometimes empty, you should pay more attention to details. Missing sounds of falling water, billboards could be also handled better. I liked the custom entities and static objects in bathroom or lava areas, looked pretty cool. There were several bugs which made me unable to continue like the vaccine quest, after I combined the tube and needle, the quest kept on repeating that tools are missing and I had to reload the game. There wasn’t enough or none hints. There was incredible amount of enemies, thrown into my face. Voice acting was quite good. Overall, there are a lot of things to improve, good luck with part 3.


Humeba says

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That was a very good custom story. I do think some of the puzzles were a little too hard. And the lava room area gave me a headache but overall I enjoyed it.

Very Amazing Adam, can't wait until you finish your fugitive 3! Hope it gets as much positive ratings as this one

Great great work!
One of those Amnesia MODs where you actually feel so lonely that the player gets much deeper in the gameplay!

Overall enjoyable. Some of the level design was pretty lackluster/linear, but certainly not the worst I've seen. Some areas were neat, mind you.

The story is okay, but the voice acting could really use some work.

As for the notes, I'd recommend getting someone to peer review the dialogue, as there are countless typos and grammar issues. Maybe work on the delivery of certain clues.

There were several bugs I've experienced over the course of the story that could be addressed:

- Lantern no longer working in certain areas
- Incomplete substance(lead) was somehow left in inventory during creation of vaccine
- Certain locations breaking on load. (One instance was loading the mines area, grabbing the hammer, and attempting to use it on the boards - Couldn't break the boards as intended)
- Managed to run both fail/success scripts when configuring the 4 slides (Got the fail message and the blue highlight)
- Leftover mementos left unhandled

*Please include a walkthrough in the files. Not everyone will use it, but it's a courtesy that is greatly appreciated.


- Huge custom story
- Interesting-looking areas


- Somewhat obscure locations for key items without notification
- Repetitive/reused puzzles
- Cheap jumpscares
- Abrupt ending (you'll have to wait for the next bit)

Looking forward to seeing the next one. Hopefully parts of this review will reflect some changes in the next CS.

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Positives: - Story line is a bit cliche, but still intresting and well made - Very long story - Hard and mostly intresting puzzles - Different kind of enemies - Music and custom materials Negatives: - A lot of areas including a whole map is copied from Justine (minus score on your creativity) - The version I played have a lot of obvious mistakes in the english file, although that seems to be fixed in the new patch - A lot of glitches, like if you touch trees you can fall through the map or if you…

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