Here it is. Better than ever before. Join the final episode in the series, as Samuel descends to the heart of Marius castle.

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Excellent custom story!, the mapping, the gameplay, the story, everything is great, there's nothing to give a critic haha, but i have one feedback

-Use more mementos when there's a puzzle or something hidden on the map that is essential for the progress of the player.


One of the best custom stories for Amnesia:The dark descent.

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I beta tested the whole mod several times at its various stages, and I must say that I'm impressed. The fact those guys managed to create an over 90 maps thrilling ride in 1,5 year just blows my mind away. You can notice so much work put into every single map, every single script line. This is like playing an entire new game, diffrent than what you usually see. It's hillariously huge, fascinating, frightening, and amazingly well done overally. I haven't finished the entire game so far yet, i'm around…

Sep 3 2015 by Slanderous