Ive altered all of the music files for Amnesia to attempt to replicate a sortof surround sound system on standard 2.1/2.0 pc speaker systems or higher (quadraphonic etc. "expands" the audio), THIS IS NOT FOR HEADPHONES (though with the new update, you may find it enhances the experience anyway). If you enjoy it or think it significantly enhances the Amnesia experience, tell me about it via comment, please rate this mod, it will be greatly appreciated... thank you all for trying this out, keeping my ranking higher than I previously ever would have expected.

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My installer might trigger antivirus false alarms: heres why

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Unfortunately your antivirus software might complain because my installer is "deemed malicious" or something like that, well its not true. The reason for this false alarm is that I use Wilson WindowWare's Winbatch (Winbatch.com) to script this installer, when the script is compiled, there is no built in interpreter for winbatch (in windows); so the exe file is merely compiled with an interpreter built in. Some clever malicious software recompiles itself in ram to avoid detection by antivirus software. The executible for the installer contains a copy of the original source of the program which is loaded in such a manor that it may appear to be malicious, but its not... I apologise for any inconveniences.

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